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Obama Gutted Our Military Readiness

Barack Obama, who was responsible for the nation’s security, insisted that military spending be included in the “sequester” that automatically cut government spending.

Testifying before Congress Monday evening, Secretary of Defense Mattis said “the damage has been severe” to our military as a result

No enemy in the filed has done more to harm to combat readiness of our military than sequestration. We have only sustained our ability to meet American’s commitments abroad because our troops have stoically shouldred a much greater burden.

Another gift by our leftist president to our fighting men and women, and our nation.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

21 thoughts on “Obama Gutted Our Military Readiness”

  1. He weakened our military, our international prowess, and our independence.

    His ideology ruled the day for years, and now we have to just fix it.

  2. And McCain thinks Obama was a better leader than Trump. International relations — nope. Economy — nope. Military preparedness — nope. Whatever area McCain was looking at escapes me. And he’s my senator! (He has heard from mr!)

  3. Dennis Rodman is over in North Korea and Tillerson says that the college student that stole the poster off of the wall over there and was given 15 years hard labor is on his way home now. I guess from the reports he is in pretty bad shape healthwise and may be in a coma. They are working on getting the other three Americans out of North Korea. MAGA!!

    1. NK murdered this kid. I’m guessing it was a deliberate in-your-face aimed at Trump. Poor young man — why did your parents let you go to a hell hole like NK? What kind of stupid thinking led them to believe that a slight mis-step might not end in terrible tragedy? I have never travelled any place and I know that much about dangerous countries ruled by crazy dictators.

    2. I am glad the kid is coming home. He’s lucky. I am opposed to rescuing stupidity. In this case, there were no troops at risk, but it galls me when there are.

      By the way Iran still has some of our people.

  4. Obama attacked every level of military/law enforcement throughout his administration. It was one of the activities he enjoyed the most. Whether it was insane Rules of Engagement for our military, the constant vilifying of law enforcement (Ferguson, etc.) he went out of his way to insult them, mock them, deride them.

    That’s his legacy.

  5. And Obama’s god-damn Secretary of the Navy Maybus tried to get rid of Enlsited Rates!!! It is the great Navy way of combining rank + job in one easy title…i.e. I was a “Yeoman” (officer clerk) “Third Class” (E-4) :-)
    That god-damn Maybus, under Obama, also screwed up the naming US Navy ships, forced the USN to spend Millions$ on ‘green fuel’ crap, forced P.C.-SJW-LQBT training on all US sailors :-(

    May Obama and that SecNav Maybus, and useless-spineless Admirals that served under him, burn in Hell!!!

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  7. Take the West Point Class of 2004. It has had more deaths and causalities than any Class since the Civil War. Roughly 940 graduated in May 2004 and they are now down to about 300 still on active duty. Three, four and five years of Combat Duty is not uncommon with multiple Silver and Bronze Stars awarded for each one.

  8. This is no surprise and was very apparent during his “reign” as a radical socialistic communist! He tried to leave us as defenseless as possible, and he made every attempt to weaken us in every manner possible. His corruption and destructive intent were obvious even then, and it is certainly glaring now as we begin to pick up the pieces!

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