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Video || Cabinet Members Slather Unctuous Praise on Trump

Uh, this was a little bizarre. I mean, these are grown men and women. But beyond the obsequiousness, they are of course trying to buck up a president who is under seige, which is nice. Nevertheless, this is over the top.

Later, Chuck Schunmer released a parody which wasn’t particularly clever. Just kind of unusually disrespectful toward a president, and if the Republicans had ever done anything like this to Obama they would have been accused of, I don’t know, treason or something.

3 Responses to Video || Cabinet Members Slather Unctuous Praise on Trump

  1. Let the guy have a moment.
    Seven months of lies, hatred, and everything they can accuse would break any man.
    The Cabinet members are proud of what they are doing and show support for the man who believed they are the best and brightest.

    • I saw it more like when I was a little kid on the first day of school. I was excited to be back and saw a year full of possibilities. How sad that the Dimms have nothing better to do than mock people who are excited about maybe being able to actually do something good.

  2. They’re happy. They know they are a part of history. They like Donald Trump and are looking forward to working with him. And they know that he is being mistreated by a batch of relentless trolls.

    So they lather it on a little thick — big deal.