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Ivanka Shocked at “Level of Viciousness” in Washington

Yeah, well, it’s just getting started. The knives have been out for Donald Trump since the Wednesday morning in November he declared victory. Democrats don’t accept his election was legitimate, they hate his policies, they hate him personally, and they will do everything they can to undermine the will of the people as expressed by their choice of Trump to be president.

That said, Obama certainly incurred plenty of vicious attacks. But there was never this concerted effort by the Washington establishment to undermine him and ultimately oust him that you see with President Trump. They opposed Obama on policy grounds, and many of the personal attacks in Washington were waged by Obama and his aides, who consistently questioned the motives and morality of Republicans.

Ivanka appeared on Fox News Monday morning. She said:

There is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting. I was not expecting the intensity of this experience. But this isn’t supposed to be easy. My father and this administration intends to be transformative, and we want to do big, bold things. And we’re looking to change the status quo. I think some of the distractions and some of the ferocity — I was a little blindsided by it on a personal level. But, for me I’m trying to keep my head, down, not listen to the noise, and just work really hard to make a positive impact on the lives of many people.

I’m glad to see her talking about changing the status quo. Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are often suspected of not being fully signed on to the president’s campaign promise to turn Washington on its head.

7 Responses to Ivanka Shocked at “Level of Viciousness” in Washington

  1. She’s not alone in being shocked by the current atmosphere of politics.
    The stunning vicious attacks, the hideous accusations, and the ongoing violence by anti-Trump people is something new (or ancient) for all of us.
    As the opposition tries to unseat MrTrump, they don’t think that Hillary will take his place – or do they?
    It will be VPPence who takes the big chair in the Oval office and he doesn’t differ all that much from MrTrump in policy and ideas.
    If MrTrump’s daughter, sons, or son-in-law find the attention too intense, they do have the option of retiring from public life, or at the least staying behind the public eye.

  2. Oh yeah, it will get much worse for the Trump family as the days, weeks and months roll on. The Washington politics/media soap opera is just finishing up the first stage of its assignment to destroy Donald Trump. His win created national exposure of the elites for the liars, fools and laughing stocks they are, and they will never forgive Trump for that.

  3. The attacks on Trump are expected.

    It’s the attacks on his family – not just by bloggers and private citizens, but by elected officials, Hollywood, the media and the entire fifth-column left – that are unprecedented.

    They want war.
    They should be careful what they wish for. Some of us have had quite enough of it, thank you.

  4. She and Chelsea Clinton are friends. It would behoove her to take a moment and seriously consider the big difference in how the media treats her and how they treat Chelsea.

    Unfortunately for Ivanka her old life is gone. But she chose to be an active and visible part of her father’s campaign and administration. In my opinion, overly active.
    So, while it is beastly, she had choices and she is old enough to know that this was coming. I am shocked she is shocked.t The Left eats their own on a regular basis.

    • If you are as appalled as I am about Shakespeare in the Park NYC Julius Caesar production where they depict Julius Caesar as a Donald Trump look-a-like getting brutally stabbed in a scene as offensive and disgusting PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO AMERICAN EXPRESS Delta Airlines and Bank of America have pulled their funding. American Express has only verbally expressed their dismay. Let them know, especially card holders, that we will NOT support a company that supports this vile production. Absolutely disgusting.

  5. Fire Mueller the special? prosecutor and if they get another special prosecutor, fire the next one and the one after that. There is no need, no case,no crime for these conspirator communists/socialists to investigate Trump. They should investigate themselves and Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and all the anti-Trump treasonous people, like the whole socialist democratic party!