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CIA’s Pompeo: I’m not Gonna Say a Damn Thing in Front of the Media

President Trump introduced his Cabinet today, having each of them say a few words at the top of a Cabinet meeting. One of them had a message I’m sure he knew the president would appreciate, and it appears he did.

H/T to Washington Free Beacon.

19 Responses to CIA’s Pompeo: I’m not Gonna Say a Damn Thing in Front of the Media

      • Not always, but more often than not the Tweets serve a strategic purpose.

        On the times they do not, oh well. It’s not like the MSM is beating down his door to deliver the message to the people.

  1. Lesson for the Liberal’s. I can think of a hundred things worse than Trump. Suppose the doc came in and said, “well sorry, but you have an incurable cancer.”
    All of a sudden what the president does is of no importance. And, day to day, what the RGG (Rube Goldberg Government) does is of little importance.

    • All propaganda machines have great reach. And the more often you tell the lie, the more believable the lie becomes.

      To discount the value of propaganda to the other side is to wave your white flag.

  2. John McCain should take the advice of not talking to the media. Get this:

    “McCain: American Leadership Better Under Obama”

    From the story:

    “Republican Sen. John McCain took a dig at President Donald Trump, telling The Guardian that American leadership was stronger under former Democratic President Barack Obama.”


    “The reporter then asked McCain if America’s standing on the global stage was better under Obama.
    “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” McCain responded.”

    Well, when you accept campaign funds from George Soros, as McCain has since at least 2001, you have to dance to his tune. And McCain does.

  3. Speaking of Pres. Trump’s Cabinet can we PLEASE get a REAL Secretary of the Navy!!!
    -Someone! to clean up all the P.C.-social justice indoctrination crap that has been forced on Blue Jackets, instead of fighting spirit & Navy pride (fix how US Navy ships are also named!)
    -Someone! to fix our ship procurement plans and sink that awful Littoral Combat Ship program (aka; little crappy ship)

  4. OT. Mueller must go. And the Office of the Special Consul must be closed. Mueller is compromised and his staffers are all Dem donors, sympathizers, etc. If Jeff Sessions allows Rosenstein to continue with this he should be fired for serving the President poorly.

    I am crazy about Sessions but if this is not contained it will consume the Presidency.

    Here are just two warnings from Gingrich. Say what you will. He knows what he is talking about here.