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Sunday Open Thread || June 11, 2017

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23 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || June 11, 2017

  1. Coffee’s on.
    Just back from church.
    Our 40yr old parish priest went all in with Pope Francis on the Paris Accord.
    Can’t believe my “safe space”is now invaded by the Communists, right out in public. He’s lucky we forgot the rotten tomatoes.
    Even Bjorn Lomberg, the sceptical environmentist, thinks the Paris Accord is hoey.

    • The Paris Accord where we pay all the bills and everyone else spends our money. And then WE get berated for pulling out? That Accord?

      • Yes and the first thing they will do with 100 million dollars is build a great big skyscraper type building with all of the finest flooring, window treatments, marble bathrooms and high technology for phones, internet and other modern conveniences. Then they will hire many people to fill all of the high priced desks and chairs and pay them salaries that they do not deserve. Then if there is any money left over they will decide what to do about “climate change” if there is any such thing that man can control.

    • Rotten tomatoes? Now there’s an idea. Maybe we need to get the movie review site Rotten tomatoes to set up a religion/sermon section? Give the silent majority a chance to speak out without being fired at work or beaten on the street for having traditional values.

    • I stopped going to Catholic Mass years ago because of the irrelevant and condescending sermons…the good ones became too few and far between, and our diocese seemed to double down in its arrogance after the abuse scandals.

      Recently I have returned by way of the Internet, watching Mass every Sunday on my computer. Wonderful music and short, relevant sermons – the way it should be.

      • I do as you do. I have written to the Bishop and to the two Pastors of the two Catholic Churches I could and did attend (switching on and off depending on how crazy one was).

        I am angry.I feel I am forced to do this. What is most important to me about being a Catholic is the transubstantiation. So from time to time I walk in at that time, receive communion, and leave to a place where I can contemplate and commune with God.

      • I’ve been attending the Latin Mass for about 10 years. I became thoroughly disenchanted and left spiritually starved with the Novus Ordo liturgy established in 1969 with its dry, leftist homilies, its growing mocking of the traditional liturgy and, if you will, the implementation of a not-so-subtle leftist, highly politicized, theological bias. Just couldn’t stand it anymore.

        I was not alone in my dismay. Local parishioners (there was five very active Catholic churches in the area at the time) petitioned the then extremely liberal Bishop of the diocese to allow a Latin Mass to be offered for what turned out to be hundreds of petitioners begging him (very politely, I might add). He refused to even respond to the petitioners.

        Eventually, with a new Bishop and JP2’s directive that every diocese have at least one Latin Mass offered per Sunday, things began to change. Now we even have a Sunday Latin Mass offered at the Cathedral in Portland, something that would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

        I have lost long term Catholic friends (two) when they learned that I attended a Latin Mass–one of whom is a nun. They won’t even say hello to me anymore. That’s how deep the bigotry is against the Latin Mass attendees, and some of that bigotry exists to this very day. But I don’t care. We now have about 300 people, young and old, attending our local Latin Mass every Sunday.

        Attendees are devout, obviously enraptured by the Great Mystery which is transpiring before their very eyes during the Mass (referring to Grace’s mention of the mystery of Transubstantiation). You can feel it in the very air.

        There are no brass bands, no scant and revolting clothing attire worn, no giggling, whispering and gossiping, no gimmicks, no off-tune lefty folk songs (THAT is what finally drove me away from the Novus Ordo liturgy). The homilies are solid, and based exclusively on the Epistle and Gospel of the day, which is the proper source. It is a solemn liturgy, centered on Christ, and not the latest fad which happens to appeal at the moment to the celebrant. I could say more, but you get the idea.

        Non-Catholic Christians may not (understandably) “get” what the big deal is, but Catholics of a certain age and history know exactly what I am talking about.

        Hmm. Guess I got into a rant. ;+}

        • My late mother (born in 1925) always lamented the loss of the Latin Mass…she never really liked the “new Mass,” as she would call it. I was born in 1965, so I grew up with Novus Ordo…hung in there for many years, but finally fell away (from weekly Mass, not my faith) about 15 years ago. Took me this long to get back…thanks to a simple presentation on the Internet, fortunately devoid of all the modern nonsense.

          • Many Catholics find themselves on the same path you and others are on. Some stats:

            -Weekly Mass attendance for self identified Catholics has dropped to 22 percent in 2017.
            -Baptisms have dropped from 1.3 million in 1965 to 670,000 in 2016.
            -Annual ordinations have dropped from 994 in 1965 to 548 in 2016.
            -Number of priests have dropped from 58,000 in 1965 to 37,000 in 2016.
            -Number of Catholic churches without a resident pastor was 549 in 1965 and is now 3499 parishes without a resident pastor.
            And so forth.
            It’s a full blown catastrophe.

            Here’s a good list of past and current similar Catholic statistics from Georgetown U.


        • Not Catholic, but Methodist. I am praying that my church is not going to decide to allow gay bishops, gay marriage etc. Currently church doctrine does not allow it (basically it I love the sinner, not the sin) but there is a commission studying the issue trying to find a way forward towards church unity on the issue. I am for the most part a traditionalist,so can understand you appreciation for the Latin Mass. Sometimes less is more, no bells and whistles needed.

          • I have a very good friend who is a Methodist pastor. Good guy, well read, thoughtful, a very good Methodist. He is pretty much middle of the road on most issues, political and theological, and is sick about exactly what you brought up. He is close to retiring and told me he is very happy he won’t have the struggle of conscience he’d have if he had to implement or otherwise “sell” what looks what the bishops will decide on that issue.

    • All due respect Geoff, I read your piece and there is almost nothing that I can agree with.

      BTW at the end, this was personal for Comey. And this is way beyond DT and JC . It is part and parcel of an effort to nullify my vote.

      And show me a President who can pass in 6 months the legislation you noted with an obstructionist Congress where his party is the majority.

      But, to each his own.

    • Well I have to disagree with your take on the tweets.

      He’s speaking directly to the people and I see nothing wrong with that.

      I say, Mr. President, tweet early and often.


      • To Grace and Vet:
        I understand where you’re coming from and respect that. My problem isn’t with him tweeting at all, it’s the tweeting without thought, the petty, the personal.
        To me, that not only gives ammo to the press, it disrespects the position and demeans the office.
        He can tweet till his thumbs fall off for all I care, just take the time to THINK first.
        The “to tweet or not to tweet” with me at least, isn’t to give it up entirely, it’s that it should be used strategically as needed and not as an announcer at a 3rd rate wrestling match.

        • Yes, Trump should put some Kentucky “windage” and Tennessee elevation in his tweets. It’s an old saying we used to hear in basic training on the rifle range, and it means: pay very close attention to what’s left and right of your target, and what’s above and below the target before you pull the trigger. Make absolutely sure your sighting technique allows the bullet you’re about to fire off land precisely on the intended target and not splatter something that’s not the target. Once you’ve carefully done that, fire away.Same with Trump’s tweets.

  2. “Resist March” in West Hollywood today…local news stations here can’t get enough of it. No one, of course, ever questions the logic of “resisting” the results of a democratically held election just because your candidate didn’t win. What happens someday if the shoe is on the other foot? Will you not call those “resisters” anarchists? Will you not beat them down with violence? Who are the real fascists here??

    Needless to say, off went the TV in no time flat this morning.

  3. Sessions is meeting with the Senate Intell CMte Tuesday regarding the Comey events.

    Sessions should tell them there is no need for a Special Counsel. And that Mueller should be let go ASAP. And even if there were a need, Mueller should be released. He clearly is biased and should recuse himself. Something Jeff Sessions is supportive of I am sure.

    • There is a federal statute (I can’t find the citation at the moment) which states that a Federal “investigator” is not allowed to take part in a proceeding where one of the targets of the investigation is a friend, close acquaintance, someone the investigator has a financial or business relationship, etc.

      That should end the Mueller issue right there, wouldn’t you think? But it won’t. We are so screwed.