In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || June 10, 2017

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  1. A new coal company opened this week in W. Pennsylvania, thanks to the reducing of federal regulations by PresTrump.
    W.PA used to be coal/steelworker country – where I was raised.
    There are a lot of people who see coal as a terrible thing, ruining air/water, but it helped build our country. Coal ran our trains, heated our homes, ran factories, and allowed us to move to other fuels and energy – especially nuclear.
    This one coal mine isn’t going to revive the whole coal industry, but it gives hope to those whose lives depend on it.
    MrTrump kept a promise. The people of W.Pa and W.Virgina and Ohio, won’t forget.

    1. It was a good thing the President did.

      I have coal people on my Mom’s side, and steel workers on my Dad’s. That’s how my immigrant family made their way to the American Dream.

    1. His post-Potus life has been a strange journey – multiple countries, speeches to people who won’t do a thing for him, and the MSM is still fascinated with everything he does.
      All we knew about PresBush after DC was a painting, wrote a book, relaxed, did and said nothing noteworthy.
      Oh…the wounded warriors was a nice thing, but nothing else.
      Makes one wonder what the deal was with Hillary after she won – UN ambassador? Supreme Court?
      We can assume there was a quid pro quo.

      1. I think Barry’s ambition was to head the UN, not mere Ambassador. Maybe some special job like President Emeritus Studly King Ambassador to the U.N.

        The Supreme Court would have been shocking, but it’s not out of bounds for a group who knows no laws other than “I want it.” Barry would have loved to spend the rest of the his life lecturing us from the Supreme Court.

    2. The has been prez can see all the people he wants, but it will have absolutely no effect on President Trumps agenda, MAGA, and dismantling Barry’s “legacy”
      ObamaCare, dying on its own.
      Paris Accord, bye bye.
      Business killing regulations, being snuffed one by one.
      Conservative judge to SCOTUS, done.
      Stay tuned, more to come

    3. “Starting to get creepy”? Barry has been creepy for years, like a slithering snake or some hideous, biting insect. He just gets creepier and creepier, the more we learn about him.

  2. Diane Feinstein should be investigated about monies she and husband accumulated for their retirement, the greedy Diane Feinstein. She is horrible, always harrassing Trump, never does any work, just Trump lies.

    The investigating Committee now wants tapes from the President? First of all, the President should tell them no more investigations, wasting taxpayer money and this so=called political biased committee, whether democrats and/or Republicans, have not been honest with Trump about him NOT being investigated. Trump should not give them s..t, the Democratic party is now filled with low-life anti-Americans with profanity laced idiots cursing Trump 24/7. This socialist communist party should be disbanded and the Comrades should be arrested for the actual treason they are committing against the U.S. They are all criminals, leaking, stealing taxpayer money, lieing, no honesty, character, refinement at all.

  3. Oh yes,…remember when congress was caught insider trading?
    They passed a bill that prohibited members from doing so.

    Well,…..they passed another bill that reversed the first bill.

    See how that works?

  4. Open question for the floor:

    America is clearly divided, to an extent it has not been in, at least, half a century.

    Can American unity be restored? If so, how?

    I have my own answers, which I’ll provide once this gets enough discussion.

    1. That’s a tough one.
      Unity? I don’t think so, it might be to late.
      Clearly the left and all its various forms have one goal in common, to take down this Republic and install some form of socialism, you know, that’s been so successful in Argentina.
      Open borders, sharia law, etc.
      Bill Ayers tells us a lot, that seems to be the playbook of the left.

    2. If you use, and I do, Tuckman’s idea of Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing stages of any organization (thinking about the country as a very large organization, for the moment), we are for sure in the middle of the Storming stage, and have been for a very long time.

      Yes, we can survive it and get back to the Norming (when things more or less are going OK) and, ultimately, the Performing stage (MAGA in the case of the country). Organizations do it all the time.

      There have been been a zillion studies on how moving from stage to stage in an organization can and does happen. Most of them center on having the right kind of leadership, agreed upon direction and consensus of goals, shared values, and an external environment which helps the team, organization or country, for that matter, thrive.


      You could argue about the political leadership piece in the country at this time. I think Trump is doing sort of OK in a quirky sort of manner (which might just be the right approach right now. The jury is still out.). But the other area of leadership–in both Houses of Congress–is worse than dismal. It’s completely hopeless, given the tasks which need to be addressed and brought to success. So that’s a huge problem, possibly a fatal political situation.

      Additionally, there is little no no wide agreement in the country about direction or consensus of goals, shared values. There is not currently an external environment which helps the team or country, etc. succeed and move in the right direction–toward Norming and Performing, to use Tuckman’s model. That’s another potentially fatal problem.

      The media, and the political opposition groups feed on each other and they nurture and support the worst elements of our society. They create and fuel dissensions and conflicts every single day. Many of us finally say, “Screw them all” and check out of the battle. That’s another possible fatal blow for our country.

      And we know that countries historically have gone through cycles; they come and go. Are we heading toward complete chaos and thus on the way out in a few generations? Many days I am not optimistic. Other days, I see a little light.

      Here’s a nice, easy write up of Tuckman’s idea so you can see what I’m getting at. Just apply it to the whole political culture of the country, as you observe it now. It explains a lot about where we are at. IMHO.

      1. You hit the nail on the head at “no national goal.”

        That, I think, is the first problem.

        Without a goal FOR THE NATION, we’re left with hundreds of millions of individual goals, undirected.

        Hayek would argue that this kind of organic chaos is beneficial. And he’s right, insofar as central planning is impossible when you’re dealing with human beings.

        Then, too, there’s the excellent “I, Pencil,” which is worth a read, for those unfamiliar with it.

        My concern with that, is that without a vision, without a direction, Smith’s invisible hand can create all it pleases, but to what end?

        What’s the point of all this?

        What we have witnessed for the past quarter century in the United States is a theater of power: power for power’s sake, and namedropping Lord Acton should suffice to tell the reader what I think of that idea.

        All our politics, arguably since Clinton, has been about power and plunder. What have we, as a people, created?

        Yes, we’ve got lots of fancy gadgets, but those serve only to distract us from the outside world.

        And if we are creating nothing of value, and our only goal as a people is to attain power and divide plunder, then whatever remains will be consumed soon enough; once that’s all gone, we’re Venezuela.

        Absent a national goal, project, destiny, whatever you name it, we’re being reduced to cocooning, to our national detriment.

        For comparison, here’s an excerpt from Howard Beale’s iconic “Mad As Hell” speech in “Network”:

        It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we’re living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, “Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials, and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.”

        Substitute a microwave, a PC, and a Netflix subscription, and you have, I contend, America, 2017.

        If we are all cocooning, are we not amusing ourselves to death?

        Which brings me back to the idea of a national creative endeavor. Someone in authority needs to say, “This is what we, as a people, will do, make, or invent, which no other nation can.”

        No other nation has set foot on the moon, and it’s been almost half a century since Apollo 17. What’s next for America?

        If we have an objective, that would do two things. The unity of purpose is self-evident; but the greater, and more subtle, good, would be to devalue the theater of power.

        As it stands, power is the ne plus ultra of American societal goals. If power theater is subordinated to a greater national objective, then being out of power should be less of an existential crisis for too many.

        So, we need to start with “Where are we going, and why?” Because if we have no destination, then not only are we lost, but I fear we already have lost.

        1. WOW! Outstanding!

          Yes, commonly shared national goals reflecting our highest and most virtuous nature, properly organized and resourced, clearly explained, grounded in Natural Law (on which our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are largely based) are the key to a bright, prosperous and liberty-infused future. We have drifted away from that path for a variety of reasons we all understand, but the path is still there. We just have to get back on it.

    3. The article I linked below has a poll which shows the majority of Americans think what is going on is a witch hunt. And the article itself list the accomplishments of the last two weeks while Congress was screeching.

      I don’t know that we will ever have unity because the Left will now allow it. And because Barack Obama still walks the face of the earth, stalking Trump.

      But as conditions in America continue to improve people will notice and vote their self interest.

      And already you can see cracks in the various identity groups that have formed over the years. Not just say AA against White, but internal large group cracks — feminazis disagree over Sharia.

      The biggest danger to unity in the United States is the media who are truly the propaganda arm of the Left and the Democrat Party. And their goal is oust a democratically elected sitting President. It is a coup and they are standard bearers.

      1. When the Dem I.D. groups disagree, they reunite in the ‘we’re afraid’ demonstration. What are these demonstrations for, including the womens’ get together wearing genital hats? They are for nothing except bonding in a general sort of way.

  5. Yes, it’s pro Trump. But it’s an editorial.

    This is fact based, without one assumption or anonymous source. And I link it to remind myself and perhaps you of what the reality of this Presidency is so far.

    Underneath all the drama and the screeching we have this. Good for Trump. Good for us.

    Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham and Priebus need to read this.

  6. Why? Why? Is Jess Sessions testifying before the Senate Intelligence cmte on Monday . About what????

    And Rosenstein is taking his place to discuss appropriations.

    This is nuts.

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