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Grassley Probes Whether Hillary Used Position to Help Clinton Foundation Donor

Well, this got no coverage, pretty much, so I thought I’d give it a little bit.

While Democrats are busy pursuing the possibility that someone in the Trump camp maybe might have could have colluded with the Russians even though there’s nothing to suggest they did other than that they picked up a phone and called someone which is what you would expect them to do anyway, here is another example of the endless trails of evidence that that Secretary of State Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Global Initiative were a giant shakedown and influence peddling operation designed to enrich the Clintons.

Who, after all, were broke when they left the White House. I mean a guy and a gal gotta make a buck.

From a June 1 statement by Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley about a letter he wrote to Secretary of State Tillerson:

Sen. Chuck Grassley today asked the State Department for information on whether then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff sought help through official channels for a Bangladeshi businessman who also was a donor to the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation. The allegations of special treatment include reports of a threatened IRS audit of the Bangladeshi prime minister’s son, living in the United States, if he did not help quash a Bangladeshi government investigation of the businessman and Clinton organization donor, Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

“Once again, Secretary Clinton’s actions have raised reasonable suspicions that she violated these rules and undermined the public’s confidence in the integrity of the State Department.”

Grassley wrote that emails show that State Department officials, including Clinton, and staff for the Clinton Foundation closely monitored an attempt to remove Yunus from his bank position in Bangladesh and that the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh sought meetings with the prime minister “to apply pressure in an attempt to end the investigation into Yunus.” The prime minister’s son said he was pressed multiple times by State Department officials to help end the investigation and that at one point, he was told “he may be audited by the IRS if he failed to use his influence to get his mother to drop the investigation into Yunus.”

I hope the Trump people aren’t afraid to respond to this. Hillary is doing everything she can to destroy Trump, and while payback is not how the government should operate, it at least shouldn’t hesitate to provide information about possible wrongdoing.

As probably you know, I wrote a book detailing all the scandals that supposedly never happened under Obama. I didn’t even know about this one.

2 thoughts on “Grassley Probes Whether Hillary Used Position to Help Clinton Foundation Donor”

  1. Most of the donations to the Clintons charity could have been considered to be insurance payments for future favors. The $500,000 speaking fees were good will gestures to be cashed in the future – when Hillary would be sitting in the WhiteHouse.
    We knew that, understood how the “charity” works. What we don’t understand is the multi-million dollar advances for books by publishing concerns. Millions for books that won’t sell, won’t make any favored list or be of interest to the reading public.

    Now, the Clintons have nothing of value to trade for anyone.
    OK, they have sour grapes, sore butts and all the rest. Maybe their millions can buy some ease and relief.

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