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Congressional Dementia Alert || Pelosi Repeatedly Calls Trump “Bush”

That’s fine. Based on their actions since the election, the Democrats clearly don’t know who was duly elected president.

During the same remarks, she questions Trump’s “fitness for office.”

Not the first time it’s happened.

6 thoughts on “Congressional Dementia Alert || Pelosi Repeatedly Calls Trump “Bush””

  1. As someone who looks back at 65 as part of my youth, not all of us age well.
    Most of us old fogeys accept reality, but the political elite can’t seem to let go, can’t imagine not being in front of a camera where someone will ask for an opinion or statement.
    Nobody asks me anything of interest. That’s OK, I found places where I could express my thought (here, for instance).
    SenMcCain has crossed the line and should retire, give it up. The elderly Dems need to face reality, too.
    MrsPelosi should retire. Maybe they could hold a big retirement party for all of the doddering, shaky voiced, or confused Dems.
    I’d contribute to that.

    1. For sure on the McCain and Pelosi issue. It’s not so much their age (as you say, some age better than others) but rather their obviously declining mental state. Both are slurring words, forgetting names, missing the main point when they are making statements, etc. There are many others like that in Congress.

      As we get up in age we have to know when to let go, when it’s time to move on to the next stage of our lives. And we need to do it gracefully and with as much humor and dignity as we can muster. I was just thinking this morning that I’ve been retired for almost 15 years, and it’s been the best 15 years of my life. Luckily I am in good health and we were very careful with our money all these years, so that makes a big difference.

      BTW did you know about this bill?
      H.R.2552 – Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act

      Here’s the gist of the bill:

      “This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to repeal the inclusion of any Social Security or tier I railroad retirement benefits in gross income for income tax purposes.”

      “The bill also: (1) appropriates funds to cover reductions in transfers to the Social Security and Railroad Retirement Trust Funds resulting from the enactment of this bill, and (2) expresses the sense of Congress against using tax increases to provide revenue necessary to carry out this bill.”

      It’s about time, yes! Think about what a boost to the economy it would be when us seniors start spending all that tax-free money.

  2. 1. Term Limits for that cesspool of the US Congress.

    2. Voter IQ Laws for “US Citizens”; if you can not pass a high school level Current Events/News quiz, you should not be allowed to “Vote”.

  3. OK, now lets discuss the 4 steps of the progressive left & Pelosi’s modus operandi. 1) Pick the target, 2) freeze it, 3) personalize it, 4) and polarize it. Heard that before Nancy?

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