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Comey Testimony Cost the Economy $3.3 Billion

That’s in lost productivity due to people stopping work and watching the hearings.

I assume we are not counting profits for bars that were open early and slinging drinks all morning, which I suppose would subtract from the total lost productivity. For the bars, I mean. Although that might be canceled out be people returning to work drunk.

Folks, unless it’s to stop and read White House Dossier, you need to be focused on your jobs during the day. You know that.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Web traffic for any news website, including this one, is highest on weekdays during work hours. Things don’t really get going until 9 am ET, and weekends are a bust.

2 thoughts on “Comey Testimony Cost the Economy $3.3 Billion”

  1. The loss wasn’t to the economy, it was to the taxpayers who pay the slackers to do something productive.
    We can take solace that they didn’t like what they saw and heard, and that MrTrump was vindicated by a man who obviously hates him – J.Comey.
    If some of the work-shirkers were FBI employees, they have to be appalled by what they saw at the public hearing – their former leader admitting he leaked information to the Press and that he is such a sissy-pants he couldn’t say ‘no’ to MrTrump or to MsLynch.
    Nothing Comey said yesterday honored the FBI organization, but proved that political appointees in DC are just that – political.

    1. Mod Jail! That’s it! I’m going to stock the pantry with some cookies and bottled water.
      Time for everyone to chip in, too.

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