As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || The Comey Hearing in Two Minutes

Synopsis by the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Summation: Comey did not like Trump, Trump won election,Comey didn’t trust Trump because he didn’t like him. Trump hurt his feelings.

  2. Yes thank you for this summing-up, Keith, because I find this issue so boring that I don´t care to read about it. But I know that much that Comey admits to leaking to MSM and that surely must be unlawful for a man in his position. I also wonder, is this Comey guy wearing mascara ? Well, he is an Obama appointee, isn´t he ?
    British PM May had a disastrous night yesterday. Will she resign ? Well, she is severely weakened, so Brexit will take even longer.
    I am also disappointed in her reactions to the terror-killings. More rules for the Internet, more spying there, “information-sharing”, when the fact is that authorities, as in the London case, already knew a lot about the murderers. One of them even posed openly with the ISIS-flag on TV. But instead of going after the real culprits authorities prefer to turn a blind eye and make up rules that interfere with ordinary peoples life and integrity. We have seen this again and again.

    • Yes, and I saw today that the Cheshire police posted a message cautioning people to be careful not to post things on social media that could be offensive to others. Their priorities are certainly screwed up, in my opinion.

  3. The age old games of “Cat and Mouse”, “Hide and Seek” Which is how human being interact with each other. Considering Comey, he only says what he wants to say. Those asking the questions can’t even reach as high as wimpy on the scale of wimpy bing the lowest plateau. Watching government in action is next to watching puppies playing.