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Comey Admits He Leaked One of His Memos to the Press

Actually, he had someone else do the dirty work.

21 Responses to Comey Admits He Leaked One of His Memos to the Press

  1. Later on they asked him if the transcript that the Columbia prof had was still in existence, he said he didn’t know.
    He said that he had destroyed his.

    McCain asked him a question that I was itching to ask.

    Why was Hillary’s investigation closed if the Russians supposedly interfered with the election?
    Wasn’t she a candidate also?

    The double standard was blatantly obvious.

    I think they should haul Loretta Lynch in there.
    That would be interesting.

    • This whole mess started on the tarmac in Phoenix as Lynch and Clinton colluded to shut down anything detrimental to Hillary.

    • Comey is a leaker and a politician, the most politicized FBI Director since J. Edgar Hoover. And, apparently, completely confused about his proper role as Director.

  2. After all his testimony:
    As a “juror”, I would vote MrTrump -Not Guilty.
    There is no evidence, just Comey’s feelings.

  3. If he really felt a special prosecutor was necessary why not tell the acting FBI Director, NSA, Anyone? Instead he chose to leak his memo?

    • Yes! And who does he think he is?? He decides Trump/Russia deserves special counsel (thus, the leak), but Hillary’s illegal server does not, esp. after Lynch’s meeting with Clinton on tarmac AND Lynch’s order that Clinton’s investigation not be called an investigation but a “matter.” What Comey views as worthy of an investigation seems very subjective and not objective at all!

  4. Aren’t those memos property of the US government? What the heck is he doing with them? How can he leak them to the NYT if they are government documents?

    So many of these people belong in jail.

  5. This whole show trial produced, directed and written by the fanatical Democrats, reminds me of the short story, “The Trial”, by Franz Kafka. In the story, a innocent young man, Joseph K., is arrested, put on trial, found guilty and finally executed on “charges” authorities refuse to inform him about. Joseph K. was guilty because authorities decided he was guilty.

    Here’s the Sparks version of the story:

    The Democrats on that committee would feel completely at home working for Kim Jong Un in North Korea. They would be the ones hanging around Fat Boy taking notes.

    • I’m referring to how the R and D elites are trying to destroy President Trump, of course, using Comey as a proxy to accomplish that goal.

  6. After a surf around the net:
    The conservative Trump supporters haven’t been this happy since election night.
    A nothing burger was served @ the general opinion, but a big juicy steak was offered: Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.
    Comey is seen as a whiny, disgruntled ex-employee who was afraid of everyone – the Clintons and the Trumps.
    CNN, et al, had to issue “corrections” and sometimes apologies for presenting false information about MrTrump, what Comey was going to say, and of course – the whole phony Russian thing.
    How sorry they must all be for upending their regular daytime programming only to have their lunch money stolen and enduring the worst wedgie ever.

    • What happens next? Does Comey get a pass?
      From all my research on him back to Watergate,
      he should not. But corruption seems to pay off in the Capitol.

      • Whether he sees “justice” depends on who he has dirt on. It’s all a big cesspool, there is no right or wrong in DC, it is all power-grabbing and extortion. Comey is the fall-guy flavor of the week, but the truth will never come out, and he won’t stand trial for any crimes. Too many snakes would go with him.

  7. #ComeyHearing
    Clinton email fiasco smells of a cover up. Comey was part of the cover up. He backed away. What happened?

  8. I heard Adam Schiff on NPR say that they want to have Comey pay them a visit.
    In other words the house version of what we just saw.

    The dog and pony show continues.

  9. Mr. Comey’s performance served to cement my justified opinion of him, as he’s nothing but a lying, slippery weasel. He’s devoid of any character or morals (just like his one-time boss Obama.