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DNI, NSA Intelligence Chiefs Say They Were Not Pressured by Trump

Both DNI Dan Coats and NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers told the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday that they had never been pressured by President Trump to do anything wrong.

“I have never felt pressured to intervene in the Russia investigation in any way,” Coats said.

Nevertheless, they refused to say whether they had been asked by Trump to downplay the Russia probe.

7 Responses to DNI, NSA Intelligence Chiefs Say They Were Not Pressured by Trump

  1. After listening for an hour: the Dems want to hear that PresTrump pressured them about Russia and the Repubs want to know who/why/what asked them to unmask private citizens.
    The men in the “hot seat” are cool, collected and not giving either side what they want to hear.
    This is another example of polarized DC doing absolutely nothing positive for the citizens they represent.
    Build the wall, fix Obamacare, taxes, regulations, immigration, etc etc etc. Please!

    • I was listening as well, and I agree with your observations. I was embarrassed by my own senator–Angus King– who once again presented himself as an impetuous ass working for the Progressive Democrats in his questioning. But that’s an old story by now.

  2. Unfortunately, Virginia is represented By Warner. The hearing was about the 702 which is up for budgeting or continuing or something along those lines. This representative showed his true colors to all of America, not just Virginia. He is one of the leaders in the witch hunt pack. He wholeheartedly backed the last administration in everything. He ran an unsuccessful presidential bid. Thankfully for America, that did not happen.
    Interesting how one can see failed presidential hopefuls by the bile that spews from them.

  3. It is now an enormous waste of time.

    And with the Jim Comey show coming up it will be even more so.

    The only way to cut it off is to either ask for full immunity (no matter what) or inform that you will be taking the 5th (no matter what). Anyone and everyone has been asked and reasked and all the answers have been given. There is no there there.

    What’s his name — the special prosecutor — should call it a wrap. Put it a rest. And let America move on.

    This is a joke. And the Democrats are calling the shots once again.