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Trump Achieving “Historic” Reduction in Regulation Costs

The Trump White House is dramatically reducing the cost of doing business in America, sharply curtailing the volume and price tag of regulations compared with what prevailed under Barack Obama.

A new report by the American Action Forum terms the reductions “historic,” saying the regulatory “freeze” begun by Trump after his inauguration has persisted.

From the report:

The White House has released just 8 percent of the historical volume of regulation. Cabinet agencies have only finalized $33 million in costs, compared to a 2005 to 2017 average of $26 billion. On the cost side, regulatory output is just 0.12 percent of historic norms . . .

During the period covered, the average administration reviewed 190 rules; the Trump Administration reviewed 39. In the average year, there were 33 economically significant reviews; the Trump Administration reviewed just 16. On average, there were 30.8 significant rules approved, not just reviewed; this administration has released ten.

Trump, a businessman who has dealt first-hand with the crippling effects of excessive regulation, is keeping his promise to free up business activity and create jobs.

H/T Washington Examiner.

4 thoughts on “Trump Achieving “Historic” Reduction in Regulation Costs”

  1. Great. Now is he can just get rid of the petty tyrant bureaucratic regulators we’ll be more the better.

    It stands to reason, fewer regulations fewer regulators.

  2. The burden put on business has been bordering on catastrophe. The longer unneeded regulation continues, the longer the economic malaise will continue.

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