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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, June 6, 2017

President Trump will meet with House and Senate Republican leaders in the afternoon and then with Republican rank and file lawmakers for dinner, according to reports.

20 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Tuesday, June 6, 2017”

  1. Time to rally the troops?
    When MrTrump won the election, we celebrated that the constant attacks on conservatives would be over, or at least minimized.
    Who could have predicted the hysterical, violent and profane opposition to a legally elected candidate?
    I stand with Donald Trump. MAGA.

  2. I love Trumps verbal fight with the Muslim Mayor of Londonistan. European leaders are far too anxious and careful, great that Donald is doing the job. Just poke and harass this ugly “religion”, show them our contempt. Oh, I wish that Britain again had a leader of Mrs Thatchers calibre.
    Today we celebrate National Day in my country. We belong to a club of countries that still have a cross in our flags, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Switzerland are the other ones. And yes, Britain has a StAndreas cross.
    So today I have raised our flag ( blue and yellow) and I admire it flapping in the sea breezes against the lovely summer skies. I hope that there will be some sort of rebirth for our European culture, that we, who were born and raised in this culture, realize what it brought the world, how proud we can be and that we must stand up for it against the pestilence that is spreading in our part of the world. I am sure they mind our flag-symbol, and as soon as they gain more political influence, they might call for removal. So, therefor, we must keep our crosses. It is of greatest importance. We must turn this thing around.

    1. I agree, SL, it would be wonderful if the Brits had a leader like Thatcher again, to be a great partner to Trump! And I hope that those in Europe – in your country and elsewhere – may yet wake up to the Islamic threat so that can be stopped.

      1. Sarah, it MUST be stopped or civilisation as we know it is doomed. I get upset when I see people dressed in Muslim garb on our streets, veils, pajamas, caps, beards etc. I mind because I know it symbolizes a very aggressive, hating and growing “religion”/sect. It doesn´t belong here. Just look at the pictures from London, is this Europe ?!!

        1. I saw a stupid pasty faced white woman in Walmart. Full burka without the face covering. Her kid was the typical chubby little boy.

          I just found a place and stared at them for as long as possible. A useless gesture, but my internal dialogue was great. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    2. SL, I watch the events in Europe and the UK with great sadness and concern. It is an enormous battle between the sovereignty rights of each country vs the desires of the globalists to create a “one-world with no borders” environment with all the problems that creates (as we see now every day).

      You’re right, leadership is very weak and confused there at the present time. Leaders seem to be working against liberty, economic stability, traditional values and the safety and security of the citizenry who are paying all the bills, after all. All in the name of what? No one knows. The future there is not at all certain.

      1. Marcus, who is responsible, who is behind all this ? Seems like there is a Sauron with an Evil Eye, watching, plotting. And he has decided to send all these “orcs” to our part of the world. We need a Fellowship of the Ring to do the battle against the dark powers.

      1. Yep. Kahn is very much in favor of a world-wide caliphate with Sharia law replacing Western constitutions and laws. He is an example of the Enemy Within, very deeply within.

  3. SL and all, This bothers me about the Netherlands. They have a political party which wants to establish a Muslim country within the Netherlands so that they can follow their own culture. They believe they should not be required to live by Dutch law. It is the Denk Party. In the last election they received 200,000 votes out of a population of 800,000 Muslims living in the Netherlands.

    1. OldTimer, they are here to gain political power, to take over. And they will if we let them. I believe, with sadness, that parties like this Denk party will pop up here and there in Europe.

  4. “Rumour” has it PDT wants the Republicans to “replace” Obamacare before their undeserved one month summer holiday.

    I would prefer a one sentence repeal which has already been written.

    We will get zip, nada,nothing from the Republicans.

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