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No, Trump Didn’t Mischaracterize London Mayor Khan’s Remarks

President Trump today tweeted that the mainstream media is abeting London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s spin that Trump took his remarks out of context when he derided Khan for telling Londoners not to be alarmed in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

As far as I can tell, Trump is absolutely right. While, other than to offer support, our president should be staying out of Britain’s business — just like their leaders should be staying out of ours — Trump’s criticism of Khan was correct.

“Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his ‘no reason to be alarmed’ statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!” Trump tweeted this morning.

That’s true. Here is the original statement by Khan on Sunday:

Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.

Trump, who has bad blood with Khan, snickered at the remark.

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!'” he tweeted Sunday.

Khan’s office issued a statement saying Trump has taken his remarks “out of context,” and the American MSM jumped to agree.

CNN, in a report on the exchange that was typical of many others in the MSM, spun it for London’s mayor and against our president: “But when Khan said in a statement that there was no cause for alarm, he was referring specifically to a visible increase in police activity on the streets of London in the wake of the attack,” CNN reported.

But what does that mean? If Khan was “referring” to the police, and not the terrorists, then it must mean that he was telling Londoners not to be concerned that the police were going to shoot them. Uh, I don’t think that’s what Khan was trying to say.

Rather, he was telling Londoners not be alarmed by what the increased police presence suggested, which was that there was a damn good reason for the police to be out in force. That is, he was telling people not be alarmed by terrorism, which is exactly what Trump was criticizing him for.

That the MSM would bend over backward to defend a British mayor over their own president says a lot about how biased against Trump they have become, and how much they hate him.

21 Responses to No, Trump Didn’t Mischaracterize London Mayor Khan’s Remarks

  1. I saw a great but sadly true cartoon on Facebook contrasting the UK then and now. On one side was Churchill saying, “We shall fight them on the beaches…we will never surrender.” Next to it is a Bobby holding a white flag in one hand and a sign in the other that says “Run Hide Tell” and the bubble above his head says #Tolerance.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. GB is doomed.

      Run, Hide, Tell.

      How sad for all those who bravely fought Hitler. Looks like a waste of good soldiers and citizens now.

      And as for our MSM, it’s difficult for me to see them as anything but traitors to the country.

      TG, Trump won. Or we would fast be on our way to the likes of London and GB.

        • Christine, I was born in England, but have lived in Canada since I was two years old. You’re right – never count Great Britain out! The British are a strong people. You just need some good leaders over there who have the guts to defeat islam.

        • This morning I awoke to two Brits and an Italian who felt same on my Facebook post. The U.K. is late to the fight -no doubt but if they can get the squishes out of the way they can raise their children in freedom again.

  2. I previously posted the fake Muslim-protest that CNN arranged in London , because, oh, we can´t have Islamophobia, can we ??!
    And this MSM-chatter about Trumps remarks about that snake they call the Mayor of London, well, it´s another variety of the above. I am glad that Trump is loud and clear on this issue.

  3. Completely agree with your assessment Keith. The only problem I see (imho) is that by Trump picking yet another fight it’s just another unneeded distraction.
    This is now June and we have no infrastructure bill, no tax reform, no Obamacare repeal and a travel ban in limbo.
    I voted for Trump, support the policies, but the media is what it is and as long as he refuses a modicum of twitter self-control he only hurts his Presidency and the policies we voted for him to implement.
    It’s like he didn’t learn a thing from the nine days he was abroad. The minute he landed back on U.S. soil he started up the twitter wars again. It’s not that his tweets are wrong, it’s that they only give ammo to the opposition and derail the more important mission.
    Priorities are all screwed up. (again imho)

      • Geoff and Keith, both spot on.

        I’vet been an enthusiastic Trump supporter from early days, but the self-inflicted gun shot wounds are eroding my faith in the guy.

    • Who does his tweets derail? The media.

      I think he tweets to distract…others.

      He has focus on real issues… which are moving along.

      The dude did not start the big plans but 6 months ago…..he is letting the game come to him.

      Enjoy the show.

      • Agree. The MSM doesn’t report on his accomplishments with his campaign goals and promises, so we think nothing is being done.

        • He’s only been in office for six months, for goodness sake! It seems that he’s gotten a lot done, despite the media BS and the constantly uncooperative Republicans.

    • I’m on the fence. If he said nothing he would be picked apart.

      I think it is a offense to keep them distracted. I do think things are getting done. I think the reason they are not getting done faster and more visibly: That stupid Republican sanctioned Russia/Trump witch hunt. and An uncooperative Congress.

      Trump took Obamacare as far as he could for example. And the Republicans haven’t moved a dime. And won’t . They will go on vacation in August. Or scamble on the last day to come up with and ram through some piece of garbage.

      Where Trump really can be faulted is not assembling his Cabinet and have them cleanse their departments of holdovers and potential leakers.

    • Well, it would be a little much for this little Muzzie Mayor to claim Allah Akbar in public.

      Soon it will be unnecessary. All of London will be on the run, hiding and sending smoke signals to the authorities.

  4. I have read that the Mayor gladly and uncomplainingly attends events in which women are segregated from men — and I don’t mean the mosque.

    He also has pleased the feminists by banning pictures of women in bath suits, etc., from public subways — also pleasing the muslims.

    Stupid people who elected him.

  5. I’m also from the UK and here’s come background info on mayor Sadiq Khan and his extremist links. It makes ugly reading.
    We don’t call it Londonistan for nothing. Many people in the UK would like to build a wall all the way round London, it is that far detached from the rest of the country. I’m in the North west of England, far away. No mosques where I live, thank goodness. On a peninsula, mostly rural. I’d like it to stay that way.

  6. I saw and heard the mayor’s remarks and was stunned. It’s pretty clear the mayor has little or no control over the city (not at all unlike the Mayor of Chicago). However, I don’t believe the president got it wrong at all and CNN should be ashamed of itself in its attempt to spin the facts in favor of the all-too-weak mayor. London deserves better.