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Trump Won’t Block Comey Testimony

President Trump today said he will not try to block former FBI investigator James Comey from testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which he is scheduled to do Thursday.

Talk about a move that would have raised a lot more questions than would be worth it.

From the White House:

The President’s power to assert executive privilege is well-established. However, in order to facilitate a swift and thorough examination of the facts sought by the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Trump will not assert executive privilege regarding James Comey’s scheduled testimony.

11 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Block Comey Testimony”

  1. Wise decision. Trump has been wise about nearly everything. People criticize him for not being a career politician, but he has wide and long experience in business, and I am sure this is an AT LEAST equally useful background.

  2. The Senate Intelligence Committee should hook Comey up to a lie detector and a voice analyzer when he appears before them. This guy will weasel through every question.

  3. Doesn’t matter what Comey says because the Dems/MSM will find some word, a phrase, a hint, they can take for a headline.
    Let him talk. We don’t care.

  4. ABC and CBS plan to air his testimony. So when it turns out to be nothing hopefully they will have egg on their faces.

  5. My goodness yes…we must always play offense instead of defense…by golly we know our place in the world …like the Brits who had to stand back while Muslims laid flowers first on the London Bridge thanks to mayor Khan…got it

    1. Umm, defense over offense.

      No matter. Khan and maybe Theresa May want to ban Trump from the UK. I hope they do.

      The Brits will then know who the preferred populace is — the murderous and the illegal. Run, Hide will be good advice, but not tell. They will find you and chop your head off.

      And also, if Khan will not accept Trump does that mean we can send all of our watchlist, our jailed terrorists, and illegals to England. They can be a Sanctuary Island. With easy access to France.

      1. On May and Kahn vs Trump–they’ve now called Trump out, as you predicted–

        “Theresa May FINALLY says Donald Trump is ‘wrong’ to be attacking Sadiq Khan over the London attacks as the London Mayor calls for his state visit to be CANCELLED amid a bitter feud”
        “Cancel Donald Trump state visit, says Sadiq Khan, after London attack tweets”

        Kahn is not particularly well regarded, if UK news reports are to be believed, and May is hanging on by a thread, with elections scheduled in two days. So this will get interesting.

  6. Comey will lie, lie, lie. That man is an absolute disgrace and Hillary doesn’t like him?

    Why? They are trying to defeat the same man.

  7. No need to block Comey testimony. Comey blocks himself. A well schooled, professional bureaucrat can sit there for days under the hot lights, and answer a hundred questions, and not say a thing important. Description of deception fills the room, with the vapor of stinking lies.

  8. Recall that he let Ted Cruz go ahead with “vote your conscience” at the convention.

    Comey will likely have the Republicans harrumphing at him about what the last administration knew about domestic surveillance and when it knew it, while the Democrats bust his chops over Hillary’s loss.

    And, true to the art of Beltway kabuki, in the end, nothing of substance will be learned.

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