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Top Democratic Senate Intel Panel Member: No Smoking Gun

We’re months into the Russia collusion probe, and the top Democrat in charge of investigating this, who presumably has poured through reams of classified documents, says they don’t have anything yet.

That is, they know a man walked into a jewelry store. But they don’t know if the man robbed the jewelry store. In fact, they don’t even know if the jewelry store was robbed.

But we do have lots of reporters saying the jewelry store might have been robbed by the man, if only we can find that some jewelry is missing.

4 Responses to Top Democratic Senate Intel Panel Member: No Smoking Gun

  1. Now all we need to do is get the Republicans to join along. This is one time I support cooperation between the D and Rs.

    We need to take this information and make some calls. Especially to the Republican Richard Burr, head of the Senate Intell Cmte (don’t have his name available) and all the members. I for one intend to make the point that this is a Democrat saying this.

    Link to SIC:

  2. Another thing that needs to be done. Lewis Lukens, Acting head of the Embassy in London needs to be on a commercial plane, and not first class or business, ASAP. His goods can be shipped. At this point, the Embassy Receptionist would do a better job than Lukens. It is important that the US speaks with one voice.

    I believe in calling. So, on this one you can call the WH comment line. You do not have to wait long at all and they are very nice.

    202 456 1111

    Trump needs an extraction team. If he doesn’t have one he needs to get one ASAP. It is difficult to support the President as long as he continues to leave these people in place.

    I guess you have already seen this but otherwise….
    CNN stages a “protest” by Muslims in London. Who are they working for, these CNN-people ? Some mosque ?
    About the “Russia collusion probe”. It might all of a sudden end with a whimper because of the geo-political earthquake happening in the Mideast right now . Saudi, Bahrain, UAI etc are all of a sudden enemies with Quatar. So, maybe no need for that pipeline in Syria and no need to quarrel with Russia. Maybe a a long conflict followed by a war to take control of Quatar. Please, stay out of this conflict, let them fight each other. They all support terrorists.

  4. The Dems have won anyway because they have slowed down Trump’s progress in his goals. They have slimed him and made him look bad in an unfocused way that will continue to fuel those who hate him. They won. They wasted his time and that means that they won.