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37 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || June 4, 2017

  1. I think it’s time for the English people to arm themselves.
    The MSM repeated the advice from the police there – “run, hide, and call in”.
    If the terrorists tried to do stuff in my hometown here in AZ, the police would give this advice – “lock and load, get ready”.

    • Srdem, since the English people nowadays include so many Muslims I am not sure about that ( I guess you mean making gun-owning legal ). It would make it too easy for the terrorists. Notice, now they often use knives when they attack.
      But if there was some way to secure that tax-paying, ordinary non-Muslim Brits got a gun, I am all for it.

      • We have Muslims living here in Arizona. There’s no reason to assume they are not armed, but have the same freedom as non-Muslims.
        The difference is that Arizonans don’t have to throw chairs and bottles at attempted murderers, we can shoot at them.
        When ordinary citizens are armed, would-be attackers are somewhat deterred.
        Along with constitutionally allowed firearms, Arizona citizens are also protected by “stand your ground” laws that allow a potential victim to protect themselves.
        When a government tells it’s citizens to “run, hide, and tell”, there is no safety anywhere.

        • Srdem, I admire your “stand your ground ” laws, a great result of the American Independence and history. Yes, it is degrading and humiliating with a government that tells the citizens to run and hide.
          I have read that British and French elite forces travel to Iraq and Syria with lists of Jihadists they don´t want to return back to their countries. Then people in these countries “take care” of them. Well, it´s a glimmer of hope that they can be this pragmatic in secret.

        • Hoo, boy, that is poignant…

          “When a government tells it’s citizens to “run, hide, and tell”, there is no safety anywhere.”

          Why do we pay taxes??

        • I saw a headline last week stating armed attacks against American citizens (didn’t read where, sorry) are down 200 something percent where concealed carry permits have increased.
          Very akin to the fact that “Gun Free Zones” see more armed attacks cuz the perp knows he won’t be challenged by law abiding citizens.

        • Or, to put it another way:

          “Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for! For our spirit and laws and ways! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war: for heaven or hell, we shall not wait!”

    • Last time I checked there a 15 million CCW holders in the US.
      And that’s not counting the unknown number of good old boys and girls that just tuck a pistol in their waistband or pocket.
      As you noted srdem65

      “When a government tells it’s citizens to “run, hide, and tell”, there is no safety anywhere.”
      And thus your safety and life are in your own hands.
      I’m no hero or wannabe, but I could never stand by and watch someone be killed or mutilated.
      I will defend myself self.

  2. A new massacre in the name of Allah in London. Now is the moment for all the Muslim organisations in London, Britain, Europe to take to the street, to show compassion, to condemn. But it never ever happens. The silence is deafening. And my conclusion is, they don´t mind, they even sympathize. Many of them really are enemies of the West. And the London Muslim Mayor says that this is “part and parcel of living in a big city”. How dare he ? It wasn´t part and parcel before . Before the Muslims arrived.
    The European countries are all different, they are in various stages of Muslim occupation, some not affected at all. London is a bad case. We should all learn from their mistakes. While there still is a chance we should try strategies like, closing mosques, deporting hate speaking imams, deporting the families of the terrorists or, if they are citizens, removing all their social benefits, banning burqas and niqabs. I think that we in many ways should make life unpleasant for those who come here to worship Islam.It should be made difficult to be a Muslim here, please go to other countries if you prefer that kind of society.
    I have also noted that MSM, when reporting of terrorism, always try to focus on people who help each other, hug and give flowers, especially if they find some foreign looking ones to talk to. They want to make these occasions a Love-fest, they never seriously discuss the real reason for terrorism, Islam. Often they don´t even mention that “religion”. They gloss it over.

    • So well said. Thank you Swede gal.
      The advent of the EU has permitted the migration that has brought us to this point. And assimilation is no longer spoken about, as of it is an encumberance. For many of us, our ancestors came to America for a better life, and generation by generation, assimilated into the fabric of the country. This was their goal, not an accident. It seems that the Islamic immigrants have no desire to assimilate to their new land, and in fact, they reject all aspects of the new country’s culture, life, and law. Thry are modern day squatters. This behavior must not be tolerated if a country wants to thrive in a safe environment. Good citizens of every country, regardless of religion, must stand up and say no.

    • What is worrisome is too many in the USA see the problem Europe has with Islam yet seem determined to make the same mistake. Trump and the flyover people see the problem.

    • Well it may take (God forbid, I Do Not want this!) some liberal news corporation being violently attacked by these muslim terrorists … several times… before they collectively wake up to the danger we are in by accepting these very-different-than-us terrorists. Logic is in short supply with rabid liberals.

  3. The very first thing I saw online this morning was the horrific news of yet another terrorist attack on London. These atrocities are becoming a weekly event in Europe. When will our “leaders” wise up and realize that islam has no place in the civilized world?

  4. After each of these attacks, we see a round up of suspects. I ask you this: in most cases, the terrorist committing the attack is dead, so how did the police get the leads that brought them to the other suspects? The answer is they ALREADY HAD the intel on these suspects but failed to round them up, due to the current PC culture supported by most politicians and the MSM. That must change.

    • I’m listening to live radio on London’s LBC radio station–a news and call in show. The Brits calling in are asking the same question–“Why are we letting known jihadists move to Britain and letting them roam around organizing for their next attack.” They are beyond angry.

      Here’s the site if you want to listen in live and hear what’s going on as it happens.

      • Why don´t we get some information about the murderers ? It´s taking time. I want to know if they were citizens, illegals or asylum-seekers . Or some other variety.

    • It’s the same here. I can put my finger on it, but I read a piece yesterday of how many we are aware of, how many are released, how many are kept track of.

      We have serious problems in our intelligence, justice and law enforcement agencies regarding muslim terrorists that want to harm us.

  5. Excellent thoughts and perspective on again yet another terrorist attack of a country’s own making. So sad to see the London I was amazed at in ’94 turned into a cesspool of English hating immigrants all for the sake of political correctness.

    On another note, there was another time, not that long ago when western civilization was against the wall and good took a stand.

    Today marks 75 years to the day of the United States Navy greatest victory:

    While the Morning Joe crowd wallows in their Russia conspiracy theories and the left screams the sky is falling it’s important to remember that 75 years ago today the sky really was falling as “the Battle of Coral Sea had been a small strategic victory, the Philippines were lost, and Japan was in control and on the move.”

    On June 4th, 1942, less than six months after the American battle fleet was devastated at Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. Three carriers and the determination, bravery and sacrifice of their pilots and crews turned what was anyone’s guess when dawn broke that day to a decisive victory by nightfall.

    For the e-edition copy of the story of four men forever bound by that day click here:

    John Ford’s original Battle of Midway film is here:

    Ford’s tribute to Torpedo 8 (VT-8) is here:

    Please, if you do nothing else today, watch those videos. All but one of the men you see in the VT8 film were dead less than three hours after filming. Surely we can give them a half an hour to remember the battle they gave all to win.


  6. Is time to declare this Muslim stuff not a religion. It s band and not allowed. Time to arrest the radical Imams and teachers. Its war and they get Military Justice.

    Tear down the mosques . If they don’t like it they can go back to those counties that do.


    • I totally agree, Von Ebb. Islam is not a religion, it is a cult of death and destruction. It must be eradicated from the Earth.

  7. It’s a very good thing I am not the PM of Great Britain because the very first thing I would have done after the Manchester homicide attack would be this:
    1. At daybreak, I’d frog march radical islamic cleric Anjem Choudary out of prison.
    2. I would behead him in the nearest public square.
    3. I would display his head on a pike for all his followers to view.
    4. Repeat as often as necessary until the Nation is rid of this scourge.
    What is it going to take before the so called leaders of these nations under threat of islamic terrorism get tough and do what needs to be done?

    • As I mentioned above, it seems the kum-by-ya, ‘loving-liberals’ may only understand the horrific seriousness of this situation of invaders, if they personally experience close up disaster and invasion of their own personal space they share with their families. Again. I do not wish terror & killing upon anyone! These co-dependents have their heads buried in the soft mud of disillusionment. So many people need to wake up to actually SEE what is happening in our world.

      • They’ve definitely got their heads buried, just, you know, not in soft mud, IYKWIM.

        The problem is, most of the virtue-signalling set has nothing to worry about.

        They live a fortressed existence, and they know that it’s the deplorables, not themselves, who will ultimately pay with their lives for these follies.

        Historically, when “the people” believe that the ruling class sees them as “unsere Leute,” and not “unsere Mitmenschen,” it doesn’t end well for the rulers.

  8. 5000 Canadians march in support of President Trump and against their own Prime Minister in the capital of Ottowa…..story on Breitbart……the comment section is interesting….

  9. Arianna Grande is giving a concert. There will be many children there, if their parents are crazy enough to bring them.

    Here is something that I read today that is very harsh concerning Ms. Grande specifically but our culture also. You may or may not agree with this woman, but if you can stomach the read through the lyrics and the fans who are there, it makes a strong point.


    • Oh Grace..the glass of Chardonnay that I had for dinner is long gone now..we are well along on our way on the road to Perdition..the cultural influence sold to our children is sick and the parents of said children are even sicker. An act of God is our last best and only hope.