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Hillary to Huma: Get Me a Separate Plane from Michelle

Okay, sure, we don’t know the context of this. But even at the very least, it looks like Hillary felt she had better things to do than to talk to Michelle Obama for a couple of hours.

This is from a new tranche of emails obtained by Judicial Watch, among them emails from the secretary of state containing classified information that were sent to the Clinton Foundation. But that’s okay, it’s a trusty organization.

The email below was related to a trip to Betty Ford’s funeral. Note that it starts from the bottom. No, I’m not treating you like an idiot, I started from the top first time I read it!

H/T Washington Examiner.

18 Responses to Hillary to Huma: Get Me a Separate Plane from Michelle

  1. The Obama/Clinton relationship has a lot of layers, none of them being friendly.
    The Clintons had a lock in 2008 until the nobody from Chicago stomped them (yes, both Clintons)down into history.
    When she accepted the Sec of State position, the divide solidified into an ugly competition of who would be featured above the “fold”.

    MrsClinton wanted her own plane because she wanted to be first out of the plane and not following MrsObama. Optics and ego.

  2. Either she just doesn’t like Meesh, which I can understand, or she doesn’t want to be tarred with the “wifey” brush, being far beyond having once been Bill Clinton’s wife.

    My guess.