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Why Did Samantha Power Need the Unmasked Names of Trump Aides?

Okay, now this is getting exceedingly interesting.

The House Intelligence Committee Wednesday issued subpoenas for unmasking requests made by former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

Brennan and Rice while partisans, at least have a reasonable defense against accusations they sought for political purposes to unmask the names of Trump advisors speaking with the Russians. They’re involved in national security, although they should be forced to show why they needed to know these names. Since one suspects that maybe, at least Rice, did not.

But as the Wall Street Journal points out, Power’s job was diplomacy:

Unmaskings are supposed to be rare, and if the mere ambassador to the U.N. could demand them, what privacy protection was the Obama White House really offering U.S. citizens? The House subpoenas should provide fascinating details about how often Ms. Power and her mates requested unmaskings, on which Trump officials, and with what justification. The public deserves to know given that unmasked details have been leaked to the press in violation of the law and privacy.

Nor, as far as I’m aware, the UN ambassador also does not run criminal investigations. SO WHY DID SHE NEED TO KNOW?

Samantha Power has already disgraced herself by making her pre-government career on the “responsibility to protect” doctrine, which says we should act to oppose genocides and “crimes against humanity.” And then she joins the Obama administration and sits there while a half million Syrians are killed as a result of their dictator, Bashar Assad, and the United States effectively does nothing except possibly prolong things by giving half-hearted support to Syrian rebels.

No doubt her hypocrisy, in failing to resign, was fueled by her enjoyment of her powerful job and her desire for Barack Obama or some future Democratic president to make her secretary of state. Now, she may have worse problems than lack of principles.

Here’s an old chestnut from the Samantha Power archives.

10 Responses to Why Did Samantha Power Need the Unmasked Names of Trump Aides?

  1. Obama ran the most extensive civilian surveillance operation in US history. Powers, Rice, Brennan et al were his goose-stepping lackeys in this operation, intimate members of the Obama cabal to destroy the proper functioning of our Constitutional Republic.

    To accomplish the task, Obama needed the names of everyone who might be critical of him and his political behavior. Like all totalitarians, radicals and political fanatics, Obama is paranoid to the core. Everybody’s out to “get” him, you see.

    So, sure, of course he authorized Powers (and others, no doubt) to unmask names of innocent people so he could develop and extend his list of deplorable “enemies”.

    Next question? ‘+}

  2. There were people in positions of power who could and should have said no to the request to unmask names. Brennan and Comey are the ones who should have men of principle. Brennan’s answer to Trey Gowdy’s questioning about whether an ambassador requested that unmasking be done showed he was in the middle of all of this. He tried to blame it on the people under him (Democrat Leadership 101….blame staff) to give himself cover.

    It is a great question….Why did the ambassador to the UN need unmasking and why then? You have 1-2 days left in your post and you are asking for unmasking? Time to put Dr. Evelyn Farkas in front of the Committee to spill the beans……..

    BTW… of best YouTube videos…..Bombardis’s Body Language and Evelyn Farckas.

  3. Thing to remember is this, she is also Mrs. Cass Sunstein.
    Sunstein was simply another America hating left wing radical Obama called a friend and advisor.

  4. “She” didn’t need to unmask anyone. BUT using the UN ambassador position to do it kept distance from the White House.
    I have no doubt laws have been broken, traitors are walking free but with a press protecting them will justice ever reach them?

  5. My question: were the Obama bigwigs spying on all the Republican candidates? What other Americans were subjected to unmasking and spying?

    I see no reason to think this stops at Trump.