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Video || Hillary Clinton Finds 39 Reasons She Lost that aren’t Her

Look at this. I think she’s becoming delusional.

At the very least, Hillary’s campaign to say she lost unfairly is the most graceless, low-class thing I’ve seen since . . . well, since the last time I listened to Hillary Clinton talk about the election, but this is getting worse. It’s like she’s gone from having a few sniffles to a raging fever.

Losing this election to Donald Trump and ending her lifetime of promise as a loser does not fit with her exalted perception of herself. And she’s not about to make it fit.

According to New York magazine, she continues to be briefed as if she were secretary of state.

Clinton checks with her communications director, Nick Merrill, about what’s happened in the past hour — she’s been exercising — and listens to the barrage of updates, nodding like a person whose job requires her to be up-to-date on what’s happening, even though it does not.

H/T to the Daily Caller for this mashup of the excuse fusillade delivered by Hillary Wednesday.

20 Responses to Video || Hillary Clinton Finds 39 Reasons She Lost that aren’t Her

  1. MrsClinton: This is a woman who has been wronged for most of her adult life, deservedly or not.
    The “Chinese Menu Options” of excuses she presents are mostly true. What she omits is the main ingredient – herself. None of the options she claims would have been available if she had not – and the list is enormous.

    She’s a loser. Her personal life is a loser’s game, her public life is worse. She lost to a newcomer no one recognized, then she lost to famous/notorious public figure with no political experience.
    She can’t handle it.

    • Yea. Hillary’s behavior of fantastical denial about the reasons she lost is just amazing (and growing by the day, it looks like). No doubt she’s surrounded herself with rump swabbers who keep telling her she “really won”, and it was the Russians and all that malarkey. Psychologically, she’s in a very bad place and has been for a very long time, when you look at her history. Not sure she’ll ever recover.

      She’s one of those type politicians for whom living a life in politics is like taking constant hits of cocaine. It’s the only high that gets her going and makes her feel alive. At this point in her life and, as is true for all addicts, until she admits she has a problem, there is no hope of recovery.

  2. She is already delusional. It is scary to listen to her, as she really believes the nonsense she is spewing.

    And God help us–Chelsea is next.

  3. What category of aircraft is she landing with all of those arm and hand signals? She is the poster old bat for what is wrong with today’s left….they talk and fart amongst themselves and never hear or listen to another viewpoint. They are like inbreds.

  4. Glad to see it looks like she’s propped up in the corner of that chair. Maybe it’s the broom she rode up on stuck up her backside?

  5. Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Clearly this process is entering its final stages.

    Nutty as a fruitcake.

    • She represents what has happened to the hard Left–dangerous, delusional, goofy, untethered from reality, spinning fantasies about their role and purpose, slowly grinding themselves into the ground. They have no clue about how much they are loathed.

  6. Speaking of Hill, (and Comey, etc.) take a look at Still Report 1653. FBI’s Comey – The Real Story on YouTube. Bill Still has lived in Washington forever. Prepare to spend 25 minutes that IMO puts all the pieces together. This is fascinating. Sorry, didn’t know where to post.

  7. Of course, she is full of crap. but, just for fun, I’d like to ask her: since Silicon Valley was in your pocket, why/how could your campaign (which by the way raised WAY more than the Trump campaign did) have been so far behind technologically? BS X 1000.

  8. I think she is close to a nervous breakdown. Every day she sees Trump doing something and thinks to herself, “It should be me making foreign trips and having Important People bowing even lower to me. It should be me rolling those Easter eggs among a pc selection of children. It should be me. It should be me. I should be ME.”

    • She is the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small.

      Queen of Hearts: “Off with his head!’ she said, without even looking round.”

      That Kathy Griffin nut took the Queen at her word, it would appear.

  9. She’s seriously in need of psychiatric help.

    I really wish she would finally go away, but it looks like that will never happen. It’s sad – and pathetic – that she can’t accept defeat graciously, move on, retire and enjoy life (with her ill-gotten, undeserved millions and millions of $$$).

    She’s clearly a tortured soul, and I have to say I think she deserves it.

  10. Awe-inspiring fluency—never a single break in her flow of explanations. I doubt a hundred carefully selected undergraduates could have done a better job of explaining away the full panoply of undergrad dereliction. The woman’s a marvel.