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MSM Makes No Effort to Hide Bias on Trump Climate Decision

The mainstream media routinely express disgust at conservative outlets and the bias they represent, presenting themselves as the neutral arbiters of what Americans must read and hear.

So, in case it had occurred to you that the MSM might have a point, have a look at these headlines about President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris climate accord.

This one by USA Today is the worst of the lot. Not the slightest effort to hide a liberal bias.

Note below the Paper of Record laments that “nearly all nations” signed the accord — i.e so how could we be so stupid? — and American is “history’s top polluter” but is leaving anyway.

Trump leaves an “historic” pact, the Washington Post informs us. You can practically see the tears over us messing up such a thing. He “alarms” foreign leaders. Nothing about him maybe pleasing Pittsburgh.

And then CNN. The world “outcry swells” the nation’s formerly leading cable news network proclaims. The consistently egregious Fareed Zakaria falls into hysteria and claims that the U.S. has ceded its claim to world leadership.

And so, this is why you have a conservative press. Because WE NEED IT.

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    • Loony? That’s the reasonable ones – the rest: They’re expecting we’re all going to die, DIE! maybe tomorrow.
      Zombies will rise, the living dead will stumble across the streets of America and we will all DIE! choking and sweating!

      Good grief, they are hysterical.

  1. Interesting how Zakaria categorizes this as “US resigns as leader of the free world” – whereas I’m sure he was totally comfortable with Obama’s “leading from behind” on all other matters of actual importance.

  2. The man-made climate change fanatics are like the ancient Greeks who believed in phlogiston–a substance believed to exist in all combustible materials. It’s what was burning when something was, well, burning. Anyone who challenged the existence of phlogiston was laughed at, mocked, derided and considered an idiot. The best minds in Greece understood that there was no question that phlogiston existed.

    Of course, phlogiston did not exist. It was a false theory. So there we are. Forced group think engineered by fanatics who think they are smarter than anyone who questions them always lose in the end.

  3. Thank you, Father God, for sending President Trump for the world!
    Thank you President Trump!
    Thank you all you beautiful Deplorables!

    The Paris “Accord” was, as Merkel admitted, a BIG item on the globalists’ list to eliminate national sovereignty in the US. I love President Trump’s speech about it, outlining every ugly detail they tried to hide.

    • Speaking of DETAILS… why were we not told of these
      insane concessions odummy had “negotiated”on our country’s behalf? I try to stay informed with daily events but never heard these details until Pres. Trump revealed them yesterday. And where were all these “patriotic” republicans while this was happening?
      All we heard was……… crickets
      America wake up !! Lets drain this swamp now !!!
      Elect Patriots, not politicians.

    • And you’ll note that the corporate media is not addressing a single point Trump made when talked about how the Paris Accord destroys the economic and industrial progress of the United States. And they have no intention of doing so.

      • The media isn’t addressing the points that President Trump spoke of, because it goes against their argument. Global warming is a steaming pile of crap. It was nothing but a way to redistribute wealth, our wealth! When people like John Kerry, Obama, Leo and Al Gore reduce their carbon footprint and live like the rest of us, then I might listen to their argument.

  4. Boo Hoo.

    The MSM is now officially Soviet. The Russians also based many decisions on bad science.

    And to be kind, I will not go into the Third Reich’s bastardization of science.

  5. Elon Musk “You quit Paris . So I quit you.”

    Does this mean that Mr. Musk will also quit funding his businesses with billions of government subsidies?

    Not holding my breath. But when Trump saves the US billions for other Americans by withdrawing from this accord Musk is all bent out of shape.

    • I have heard this phrase many times in many places when the topic of his use of government subsidies is introduced:
      “But he’s such a great businessman!’
      I’m not convinced.
      Seems he spends a lot of money but does he make a lot of money?
      Thanks to BHO, Musk thinks he found the bottomless well of money to spend.
      Mr. Musk:
      What are we going to do with all those used up lithium ion batteries?
      Who will regularly clean the solar panels on the roofs of homes?
      Who will frequently clean and maintain windmills?
      And most importantly, who will pay for battery disposal and solar/windmill cleaning and maintenance?
      And what about his company that is attempting to merge artificial intelligence with the human brain? Who is funding that endeavor?
      This guy is running the biggest scam of the century – yes, in that I admit he is savvy.
      But now he is saddled with Amber Heard…nuff said.

    • Hopefully, President Trump will remove the government subsidies. I’m sure Musk’s product can stand on its own by now.

  6. I listened to the speech. A very good speech, I wish we could hear that kind of speech from leaders over here.
    I care very much about the environment, of course I want fresh air, water, soil, healthy forests etc. And I believe technology, education and low births are some ways to approach the problems with pollution and erosion. But I always thought the evidence was too flimsy for this grand conspiracy theory they call Global Warming. And when I realized what kind of people who were hangers-on, I knew it was a scam. I mean, these people jet-set all over the world, make tons of money preaching to gullible people that they need to spend a lot of tax-money on yet another organisation. And were goes the Green Fund Money, asked Trump . I wonder too. We have seen this before. Globalists try to recreate a monster similar to the EU to control the world. The big problems are in China, India, Indonesia, these countries shouldn´t get a free ride or more money into their corrupt systems. It really is corruption and over population that are ruining these countries.

  7. Hopefully the people won’t be fooled any more by the propaganda peddled by the MSM, watched his speech and it all made perfect sense. As opposed to the garbage peddled by the media and its hangers on.

  8. I love what Mark Steyn said yesterday. The Left thinks a border wall is a waste of time and money and will never work, and yet the Left thinks that man can change and control the weather.
    What morons.

  9. Planet Earth has gone through warming and cooling cycles since Adam looked at Eve and said to himself “Hubba Hubba, now there’s a babe!”.

    We know climate warming and cooling cycles are somewhat predictable and been noted and discussed by archeologists and historians for a very long time, and clearly demonstrated by ice core samples from the Antarctica.

    In the 1970’s climate changed got highly politicized. The Lefty fanatics hijacked the normal warming/cooling cycles of Earth and used it to promote their destructive post-industrial agenda. Same as with global “warming” now.There were predictions then that the earth could not possibly survive past 1985 if we continued to burn fossil fuels. That was taught in school K-12, universities, etc. Only raving idiots, you see, questioned the hypothesis that we surely would be dead by, say, 1990. It was established “fact”.

    Now we are about 20 years into a perfectly normal global cooling cycle. It will continue for a period of time, and then we’ll see a perfectly normal new cycle of global warming. Back and forth.

    What?? global COOLING???? Oh, yes. See here (from 2015):

    “Global Cooling Discovery May Scupper Paris Climate Talks”

  10. Mark Levin is a hard man to please. He called the speech “magnificent”.

    Tom Steyer, the Left’s money man along with Soros, says it is “an act of war”.

    I, and others, am wondering how many divisions Steyer has.

    And, of course, the she who calls herself Republican Susan Collins is “disappointed” and when the time comes on associated issues will most likely vote with her real party the Democrats.