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Live Stream || Trump Statement of Paris Climate Accord

The statement has concluded. Here is the video. Trump, as you probably know by now, withdrew from the Paris climate change treaty.

21 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Statement of Paris Climate Accord”

  1. I don’t know what’s in the accord, don’t know what the US is committed to doing or not doing.
    All I get is that Obama liked it, no one else did, so I’m going to be OK with whatever the President decides.
    He has all the info, I don’t.

  2. And that biased, obnoxious Shep Smith on FNC was spewing every ‘pro-Paris’ argument & every anti-Trump environment excuse he could fit in before Pres. Trump came on…

  3. The media hysteria begins. The long awaited Apocalypse is upon us, apparently. ;+} Current headlines from VOX:

    “Trump’s withdrawal from Paris is a major blow to the American-led global order”

    “Quitting the Paris climate agreement is a moral disgrace”

    “Climate change will make people sicker. Trump is pulling out of Paris anyway.”


  4. I am relieved the USA is withdrawing. I thought he did very well. I am pleased he spent time on talking about the things he had promised and accomplished. He gave good points why the Accords were not good.

    To me the Paris Accord is just another way of redistributing wealth to other countries.

    I am glad he is not surrendering USA’s sovereignty to the UN.

    1. I agree. And the end result is supposed to be .20 degrees Celsius by 2100. How is that going to impact climate?

      Why do Liberals always have to get condescending, dismissive, or just nasty?

  5. Watching MSNBC for a few minutes, every person is screaming that the sky is falling, the next person only screams louder. The more these ppl scream, the better off I feel Trump does. He’s being called uneducated, downright stupid in their eyes. All I hear is the accord was nom-binding. So why carry on like they are?

  6. “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh not Paris”

    Thank you President Trump for standing up for America…..we do not need to send hundreds of millions of dollars “over there” and they are not even going to tell us where it will be spent or what it will be spent on.

  7. Headline on DailyMail is in large letters:

    Darn right it’s a warning to the globe-no more taking advantage of the USA and no more of our hard earned dollars going to wasteful things.

    1. Fox Business did say they wouldn’t be surprised if the other countries slapped a carbon tax on all US imports, or on Trump properties overseas.

      1. I say go ahead and tax away. Then we we stop buying other countries junk products, see how long it takes other countries economy’s go into the toilet.

      2. Good luck with that. It looks like President Trump is focused on revitalizing America and making us great again.

        I never thought I would say that.

        Say what people will about Donald Trump, he has America’s back.

        1. That’s what he promised and today proved it. Very very happy.
          Especially since the haters are hating as usual. ALOHA

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