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The WH Dossier Contest: Use Covfefe in a Sentence

As you maybe aware, President Trump last night issued an odd tweet, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” and then left it at that.

This morning, he deleted it and poked fun at himself.

So let’s take him up on it by using covfefe in a sentence. I’ll start.

  1. Doctors recently removed a fully formed covfefe from Maxine Waters’ brain.
  2. Before I anglicized it, my name was Keith Covfefe.
  3. I like to have a nice cup of covfefe with cream in the morning.
  4. The highest price ever paid for a covfefe was $1.3 million.
  5. Distraught over the breakup, drunk, and addicted to covfefe, the famous actor killed himself.

Okay, your turn!

Oh, and it’s not a contest. This is the “everyone wins” society, remember? Let’s just see your best!

65 Responses to The WH Dossier Contest: Use Covfefe in a Sentence

  1. After MrsClinton exposed the Deplorable movement as a threat to democratic governance, a secret, nationwide covfefe was called by all Trump supporters.
    The Journal of Medicine has declared that a diet of covfefe and whole grains are beneficial to good health.

  2. Now, for my own version of this game – Trump left out the hashtag and forgot to capitalize. He meant to tweet:

    Despite the constant negative press #COVFEFE

    #COVFEFE should be used in all tweets about the lamestream media, since it’s an acronym for:


  3. Remember, Melania speaks 5 languages.
    It might be a legit word.

    I had planned to speak tonight but all of my notes went covfefe.

  4. Please stop abusing my name or you’ll hear from my lawyers: Covfefe, Covfefe, & Covfefe.

    And believe me, they don’t don’t take covfefe from anyone! They dish it out.

  5. One or two short covfefe is normal. Continual covfefes requiring gasps for oxygen and gulps of water is cause for alarm that something might be wrong. But a series of continual covfefes requiring air and water can lead to a concern that perhaps the “covfefer” is not strong enough to lead a country.

  6. OT but maybe covfefe.

    Recently USAA came under fire for dropping its advertising of the Hannity Show. They have since been “pressured” to reconsider and are once again a Hannity sponsor.

    I think that was the work of this new group formed to monitor the MSM , list its advertisers and contact them when the shows go beyond political commentary and into arena of “hate” and untruths. Think Morning Joe or whatever that is called as an example of a show off the charts.