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Why Democratic Leaders Don’t Want to Impeach Trump

See, I may disagree with Democratic leaders, but they’re smart, and one thing they get is politics. And they understand that impeaching President Trump is a bad idea for them.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked a couple of weeks ago on CNN about impeachment:

I don’t subscribe to that. If you’re talking about impeachment, you’re talking about, What are the facts? Not, I don’t like him, and I don’t like his hair . . . what are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you’re just participating in more hearsay.

Of course, there are the lunatics out on the fringe of the Democratic Party — wait, actually, the fringe now is the Democratic Party — but you know what I mean, the usual maniacs who have spent their entire congressional careers ululating about this or that and who have wanted to impeach Trump since he got into office. Like Maxine Waters.

But Democratic leaders don’t agree with dear Auntie Maxine, even at the risk of pissing off their base. And here’s why:

  1. They don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. This is something lunatics have done since the beginning of time. They see a goose, they get all excited, and then they kill it. And then they have no more baby geese. But Democratic leaders understand the value of Trump to their bottom line — and that they are not going to be raising tons of money off of banana bread, plain medium toast, vanilla sugar cookie Mike Pence. He is not what is going to stoke The Resistance and stir the partisans to fork over cash.
  2. They want to run against Trump in 2020. Democrats continue to disbelieve that Donald Trump ever became president. It is not possible, they are certain, that Americans would actually vote for him again. They think he will keep shooting himself in the foot, and that they could run Jerry Seinfeld against him in 2020 and win if they wanted to. They’re wrong — voters elected Trump for reasons Democrats will never understand. But that’s what they think.
  3. Impeachment is a political loser: Democrats could end up losing seats in 2018. Many top Democrats were around when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton in 1998. The GOP fully expected Americans to rise up in disgust and throw Democrats out of office in the 1998 midterms. Then-Speaker Newt Gingrich was thinking Republicans would pick up as many as 30 seats. Instead, they lost five. What Republicans didn’t realize was that Americans already understood Clinton was a corrupt, sex-addicted liar, and they elected him anyway. For whatever reason, they had made their peace with his flaws and decided this was the person they wanted. Americans who elected Trump also get that he shoots his mouth off and can act abruptly. That’s what happened when he fired FBI Director Comey. Nothing will infuriate — and motivate — the Republican base more than the perception Democrats are trying to reverse a legitimate election by evicting from the White House the president they voted into office. And nothing will demotivate the Democratic base more than actually removing him.

And that’s why I doubt you are going to see Trump impeached. Smart Democrats want to wound him and undermine him as much as possible. That is, they want what they think are the golden eggs more than they seek the pleasure of killing the goose.

10 thoughts on “Why Democratic Leaders Don’t Want to Impeach Trump”

  1. I agree. Dems are masterful chess players, thinking about the next three moves. This does not bode well for our country, but for their party, it got them to where they are…


    1. I think their masterful chess playing is vastly overrated these days…under Obama, they lost over 1000 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislature seats, governorships and the presidency.

  2. HS – if they are masterful chess players, please explain, oh, random choice – Anthony Weiner or Huma Adedin?

    It’s a great pity that the dead and multiple Dem voters will never read Mr. Koffler’s brilliant summation.

  3. Impeachment? some were calling for impeachment before MrTrump was actually sworn in as POTUS.
    In the Dem mind, high crimes or treason began the night he won those final electoral votes and MrsClinton was not going to continue Obama’s agenda.
    They would call for impeachment in a NY minute if anyone of any credibility could prove that MrTrump spoke to anyone in the Kremlin before the election. It wouldn’t matter what the conversation was, the fact of any communication would be proof enough for the rabid anti-Trump factions.
    The Dems might be covering themselves in anti-impeachment piety now, but they know there are any number of Repubs who are just waiting for a chance to strike back at the man who destroyed the best they had to offer during the 2016 campaign and the wobbly structure of the Repub party.
    All of the DC elite of both parties can’t get their heads around the constant approval of MrTrump no matter what the MSM (and the Trump haters) throw out there. They didn’t see it in 2016, don’t understand what we think today, and are afraid they will all lose if they take on President Trump.

  4. Why is it that Pelosi more often than not refers to the President as Bush rather than Trump?

    Senility of wishful thinking?

    1. I’m guessing equal hatred because they are Republican presidents the Dems consider illegitimate…Bush because of the Florida recount and Trump because of all those voting machines the Russians tampered with in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, et al.

      1. You know, I truly wondered what was up when I saw Boris Badanov and Natasha skulking about in that Wisconsin polling station when I pulled in there hoping to find a bite to eat. Now it’s clear to me – they were stuffing the ballot boxes!

  5. There is no “fringe” in the democrap party; they are all foaming at the mouth lunatics. They are not playing a “masterful game”; if their two main spokespeople are nancy pelosi and maxine waters…that tells you everything you need to know right there. One thing that life has taught me is that reason always triumphs over rage…..they may be able to keep this up for the rest of the year, but to be permanently enraged for the next 7 years is going to require a lot of cattle prodding and drugs.

    1. NOS, I have wondered how they can stay constantly enraged for another 7 plus years. It takes a lot of energy (and drugs, as you say) to keep up that kind of effort. Most are wealthy hobbling old timers that should be long gone. Term limits please!! Get them out!!

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