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Comey Set to Testify Trump Pressured Him to Drop Flynn Probe

Former FBI Director Comey will testify to the Senate as early as next week that President Trump pressured him to nix a probe of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

According to CNN, Comey “appears eager” to discuss his conversations with Trump about Flynn but will steer clear of matters concerning potential collusion between Trump advisors and Russia so as not to step on the probe by¬†special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Comey will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

6 thoughts on “Comey Set to Testify Trump Pressured Him to Drop Flynn Probe”

  1. Comey is an a&& of lies. The end. I don’t care what he says. I do not care what any of them say about Trump; it will only make me support him more.

  2. The more Comey sees himself on TV, the more he seems to like it. It appears he has delusions of grandeur.

    When Trump fires these people they never go quietly. They go, instead, for the jugular. They wind up beclowning themselves every time.

  3. Oh for God’s sake. The man is morally corrupt, desperate and will lie about anything. Whether he is under oath or not.

    Like all people of his ilk he has no shame.

  4. He will stop short of accusing Trump of anything. “Pressure” is CNN’s word. If Comey accuses Trump of wrongdoing, he will have to explain why he didn’t report it at the time as he is required by law to do. The whole thing is a bullshit charade on Comey’s part to save face — of which he has little enough remaining at this point.

  5. Didn’t Comey testify on May 5th and state that he never felt Trump tried to pressure him? I can’t remember where I originally read this.

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