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Video || John Sununu vs. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

This is fascinating. Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu corners CNN’s Alisyn Camerota into admitting that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign or Trump transition and Russia.

Basically, the FBI has a “hunch” there was collusion, based on conversations that took place between Trump aides and the Russians. So, if I talk to the woman at the grocery checkout stand, does that mean that I’m probably colluding with her to reduce the price of my grapes?

The investigation, Sununu asserts, is political

At one point, a frustrated Camerota makes the false claim that the investigation is just beginning. It’s not, it started months ago under the FBI, which the Washington Times today reports was instigated to begin its probe by information about contacts between Trump aides and Russian that was provided by former CIA Director John Brennan, a supporter of Barack Obama.

6 Responses to Video || John Sununu vs. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

  1. Woah! Did he sum it up right! Wow. I wish all these CNN shysters could be shut up with the same skill.

    The Russian investigation is like play connect the dots with someone’s freckles. There’s lots of dots to connect, but the activity leads to naught because there is no underlying picture to reveal.

  2. Stop letting the left set the agenda. By defending,constantly defending it just gives them the power to control the news media.

    Attack with Trumps achievements and drive that home. Attack them and go on the offense.

    Or maybe they and you do that because there on on the same team? Two parties make ONE??

    The news world 1+1 = 1 united voice talking about what ever crazy stuff the Left puts out for the other Left to defend.

    Enough fake news !

  3. On John Sununu: I was once at a small meeting in NH being moderated by John Sununu, then the Governor of NH. The topic was the manufacturing climate in NH and Sununu was fishing for ideas, investments, strategies, etc to improve the level of manufacturing in NH (which was already quite good in NH, he just wanted to make it even better). So I got to know him a little bit.

    Let me tell you this: Sununu is brilliant. He does not suffer fools and is not shy about destroying bad ideas. He picks up on good ideas immediately. He has excellent critical thinking skills and knows how to quickly get at the core of an issue. And he’s very persuasive. Alisyn Camerota didn’t have the chance of a snowflake in the Sahara desert in her “interview” with Sununu. A lesson she hopefully learned in her exchange with him.

  4. Pres. Trump will you immediately appoint him as the new press secretary?? (if he’ll take it)
    This man can put these little press critters in their place. PLEASE Mr. Trump… pretty please???