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Frumpy Frau Merkel’s Fishy Hissy Fit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is steaming mad that an American leader declined to follow her dictates on the environment and asked her to spend a little less on socialism and a bit more on her own defense.

“The times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over. This is what I experienced in the last few days,” she said following her Donald Trump Experience at the NATO and G7 meetings. “This seems to be the end of an era, one in which the United States led and Europe followed.”

First of all, by general agreement, Barack Obama provided very little leadership. He led from behind, remember? The ascension of Merkel as a European force occurred in part because Obama was always pussyfooting around and recording zero foreign policy achievements amid many failures.

But now, Merkel says Europe must go its own way. My questions is, Where, exactly?

Toward a carbon emissions reduction agreement that many Americans don’t want and that will do harm to our economy while possibly doing very little to reduce global warming, to the extent manmade global warming exists? Fine. Please, go your own way.

Toward policies that allow unlimited, unvetted immigration of Muslim refugees who will never assimilate into Europe and carry with them a certain percentage of Jihadists? Well, okay, but I hate to see German and other European nations destroyed from within. I love Europe and would be sad to be without it.

Toward assuming responsibility for their own defense while combating ISIS and North Korea and standing up to China and Russia on their own?

Well, that’s not going to happen.

Martin Schulz, leader of the center-left Social Democrats and the man who is challenging Merkel, told reporters Trump was “the destroyer of all Western values”, according to Reuters. “One must stand in the way of such a man with his ideology of rearmament,” Schulz added.

Rearmament? America is just asking for a little armament, not rearmament.

Trump wants Merkel to spend 2 percent of Germany’s GDP on its defense, which it is supposed to do, instead of its current level of 1.2 percent, and her and Mr. Schulz’s heads explode. And, OMG, he said Germany is sending us too many cars. Such insolence!

Will they now decide not to support us with troops if we have to go to war somewhere? Okay, fine, with the exception of Great Britain, European participation in places like Iraq and Afghanistan are just for show. Their troops probably get in the way as much as they help and just add a layer of logistical troubles.

Anyway, part of what Merkel was doing was politics. With Trump in charge, America-bashing is in all over Europe. I mean, more than it usually is.

When was the last time anybody ever heard a European leader thank America’s hardworking taxpayers and brave fighting men and women for their sacrifice on their behalf? How about some of that instead of sanctimony and petty protests?

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  1. God Bless the American (and British) boys who laid down their lives for a confused, cowardly, warmongering continental Europe….with no gratitude. Merkel can go to hell, for all I care. They all like to bash the US, but they want the money. Eff them.

      1. For sure, we should honor their memory;

        “For Canada, 14,000 soldiers were to land on the beaches (of Normandy); another 450 were to drop behind enemy lines by parachute or glider. The Royal Canadian Navy supplied ships and about 10,000 sailors.

        “Lancaster bombers and Spitfire fighters from the Royal Canadian Air Force supported the invasion.

        “The Canadians who landed on Juno Beach were part of Britain’s Second Army, under the command of British Lt. General Miles Dempsey, who had served in North Africa and Italy with the overall British commander, Bernard Montgomery. The Canadian assault forces were the Third Canadian Infantry Division, commanded by Major General R. F. Keller and the Second Canadian Armoured Brigade, with Brigadier R.A. Wyman in charge.”

        And they went on to do their share in the rest of the war. Heroes, all.

  2. I suggest the lady shanghai all those peaceful immigrants into a military force to protect the German people from, uh, an Islamic invasion?
    What nerve, what ingratitude from a bunch of whiny grifters. Protect yourselves, Germany.
    We’re not YOUR Uncle Sam anymore.

  3. These idiots destroy Europe through their own insanity of importing millions of M/E “refugees” and have the gal to attack Trump?
    They can only afford their socialist utopias because they haven’t had shoulder their fair burden of defense costs for decades.
    It’s long past time for them to buck up or shut up and Trump was absolutely correct to call em out on it.

  4. European politicians (and the UK) have to do some serious soul searching about their future. Their Globalist/Progressive/Lefty politicians are destroying Europe, their economies, and the security and safety of Europeans. I am sick and tired of supporting them, kowtowing to them and, all the while, being insulted by them, getting slapped around by them. I’m very much for dissolving NATO, as it is organized now, and forcing them to come up with their own security plan, and the money it takes to protect themselves from outside aggression. They are constantly getting themselves in one avoidable mess after another and expecting others to bail them out and, by the way, foot the bill for doing so.

    And when called upon to grow up and take care of themselves, take responsibility for their destiny, they cry like spoiled brats. Enough.

  5. I notice that you are angry too, Keith. But Merkel is NOT the spokeswoman of Europe, Merkel is Frau EU and EU is the platform of power for Merkel and her colleagues. We are many , many who would like EU to dissolve or at least reform. These people instead want a federal EU with a EU-army and all the EU tax-money at their disposal, they want more power to the EU.
    I can understand that you, Americans, see the US/UK armies over here as a service, something Europeans should be grateful for, and that was certainly true during the Cold War. But today, many argue that it is a “yoke”, Europeans have to spend money for Washingtons foreign politics that very often is hurtful from a European perspective. Remember Libya ?
    I do think that Europe should be more independent, European countries should take care of their own defenses. And cooperate. With each other, and with the US of course. I believe that it is what Trump wants too.
    Finally, Merkel has crippled Germany and the rest of Europe enormously when she opened the borders and said “Wir schaffen das”. And EU all of a sudden was paralyzed and backed away. What good is EU in an emergency situation ? It is just a grotesque bureaucratic Colossus.

    1. All due respect SWL but I would be happy to remove the yoke and the soldiers from the Europe. Dying to defend the freedom of others is a waste when it is so little appreciated.

      1. I think you misunderstand, Grace. I agree with Trump when he says that Europe must start taking care of itself. Europe must be more independent. Europeans can certainly die defending freedom too. Europeans have some training in that during the centuries. Americans ( many really are of European origin ) shouldn´t have to carry that burden.

  6. Spot on Keith.

    If it wasn’t for defense of Poland and other East and Central European states I would be happy to leave Germany and France on their own as the Muslims take over . (although I am fond of the “old Europe” as you are Keith).

    Like all Socialists, they are happy to be your friend until the money stops flowing in. Pony up Merkel and good luck.

    As for Frau Merkel, she is probably some East European hack planted by Russia, now called forth to do her duty.

    And finally , Merkel had the very very bad form to meet with Obama while Trump was on his first European tour. So, she can hang with her Eurotrash BFF now.

    1. Grace, Merkel is a globalist just like her buddy Obama. Her government did everything that the Obama government wanted, in those days Europe was a Washington lackey. Trump wants to change all that. Well, Trump has two European wives with many relatives over here. He probably heard some arguments now and then.
      And, it was very bad form to meet with Obama during Trumps trip. But, you know, she is campaigning right now and probably believes that Obama is popular. A black American, isn´t that still “cool” ? Well, auntie Merkel, you live in another era. Obama is soooo yesterday.

  7. I see this simply:

    During the Obama years, Merkel was the fat cat who controlled the EU and Europe. Obama cheerfully took a back seat and she was very happy. Enter Trump, and the EU is cracking at the seams, and with it, her reign, yes, REIGN.

    Merkel represents the past and all the mistakes that has brought Europe to its knees. Trump challenges her and she does not like it.

    She should retire and write a book…I hear that’s what lost leaders do these days…


  8. Have at it Merkel, and all Europe. Commit your economies to bad science and liberal agendas that always involve “someone else” paying the price. We won’t be paying the price for your green fantasies. I could be wrong, but I predict swift decline of your economies and your culture. But have at it, only leave us out. Call it our ‘lack of leadership’ as we say “no thank you” to this insanity.

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