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Fake News Alert: Politico Mischaracterizes What Trump Said

Look at this. See if you can spot the “mistake.”

Here is a headline for a story Politico has had on its website all day. Below a photo of Trump looking all nasty and ugly is a headline that declares he thinks “our relationship” with Germany is bad for the United States.

And yet, that’s not at all what he said, according to Politico’s own account:

If fact, Trump is saying only that the trade deficit and Germany’s failure to pony up for NATO are “very bad” for America. Not the whole relationship. The headline suggests that crazy Trump wants to cut off ties with our Teutonic amigos.

This is not the mistake of a single person, the reporter. It takes at least one editor as well to miscast Trump’s views in this light. That suggests to me an eagerness to say something more damaging about Trump than the facts suggest. That is, fake news.

8 thoughts on “Fake News Alert: Politico Mischaracterizes What Trump Said”

  1. First – almost every photo of MrTrump in a MSM story shows him grimacing, frowning, sad, or with his head downcast.
    The story – it’s what the readers of Politico want to hear. They like hearing that MrTrump is against anything and everything and for only himself or the profit for his family.
    We know this. This is why we don’t read these items, don’t believe the MSM anti-Trump tirades, and turn the channel when it suits us.

      1. x2

        There is also a new darling on line —

        I am seeing it cited more and more often. It is almost all former Politico people.

        Fake news is now THE news of the MSM. I don’t even bother with Politico anymore.

  2. I have absolutely stopped accepting anything the lame stream media reports as creditable or accurate. I have turned off all of it. I look at it to find out what the current lies are being spun and nothing more. Headlines spews enough drivel.

  3. Ot: the red-headed funny girl
    There she is – holding a fake head meant to resemble PresTrump after she decapitates him.
    Covered in red paint meant to depict his blood flowing down over the face of the head.
    Drudge asks ‘how low can they go’ and there’s the answer.*
    The anti-Trump factions have gone over the edge of reason and civility to the point they make us wonder just how close we came to being ruled by their elites. How close to having the insane, the irrational thinkers who would have the ability to create and enforce laws to enslave us to their radical agenda is frightening.
    The entertainment industry mavens who think their personal thoughts are important and the news organizations who believe they speak for all of us with their wacky plots and schemes to disrupt our government are the enemies of clear thinking citizens.
    No, we don’t think MrTrump is perfect, we understand his flaws or his missteps as humanizing. There isn’t any MSM protecting his gaffes as they did for MrObama, so we get to see them all, every day.
    It’s OK. We understand. We understood who we were voting for last year, we had no delusions that he was a smooth talker, but that he called it as he saw it. It was rough sometimes, but then so are we in private conversations.
    The funny-girl reminds us just how low the Dem/MSM will go to destroy the POTUS.
    * This is just a personal rant and complaint.

    1. She is a vile human being. The Secret Service took note. She apologized for being caught.

      Chelsea Clinton read the waters correctly and condemned it as well. Just the one thing, not KG over all for her filthy mouth. She did throw in her I am a comedian thing in the “apology”. Worthless.

      If she had tried this in some other country it would be her head.

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