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Memorial Day Open Thread || May 29, 2017



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  1. Watching “Midway” now. Battle of Midway, 1942, US Adm.Nmitz vs Japan’s Yamamoto’s fleet.

    This action happened before I was born. I’ve seen the movie multiple times, scoured history for Japan’s motive to bomb Pearl Harbor, and still…what was their intent, what did they want to do that the US would prevent?
    Surely, Japan was not about to invade our country, so what was the motive.

    Honors and profound gratitude for all who lost their lives serving our country, our freedoms , the wellbeing of non-Americans, and left behind grieving loved ones. We’ll never forget.

    • It’s rarely mentioned, but Japan did invade US territory again–6 months after Pearl Harbor.

      In June, 1942 the Japanese seized the islands of Attu and Kiska in the Aleutian Chain of islands in Alaska. Yep, Alaska. The Battle of Attu was the only land battle actually fought on American soil in World War II

      Some historians believe that Japan was trying to divert US military power away from the Midway Island conflict, or even from an attack on Japan itself. Probably both issues played a role in their decision to invade Alaska.

      Americans were shocked that Japan had actually landed on and occupied US soil, but that’s exactly what they did. Eventually, we set up a naval blockade and sent the US Army Air Force and infantry units to drive them out. At one point, the Japanese put together one of the largest banzai charges of the entire war in the Pacific and the fight was very intense and bloody.

      Anyway, The Battle of The Aleutian Islands was an important chapter in the War in the Pacific. We didn’t drive them out until August, 1943, so it was a fairly long fight (and pretty bloody) to get our US territory back under our control. The Japanese commander, Yamasaki, was eventually killed in the battle.

      I always thought it would be a very interesting movie if done accurately with a great director.

      From the article cited below:

      “After reaching the Aleutians, the Japanese conducted air strikes on Dutch Harbor, site of two American military bases, on June 3 and June 4. The Japanese then made landfall at Kiska Island on June 6 and Attu Island, approximately 200 miles away, on June 7. Japanese troops quickly established garrisons, or military bases, on both islands…”