As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

14 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || May 27, 2017

  1. The anti-Trump headline for this weekend is that his son-in-law talked to a Russian. Really!
    It’s not a crime to talk to a Russian or a Canadian or, dunno, anyone at all.
    Another hit is towards MrsTrump and her $50K designer coat. IMO, the coat isn’t her usual style, so we can assume it was a loaner or something.
    The double standard marches on with the Dems/MSM.
    In the meantime, a British airline is totally hacked out of operation, more Blacks were shot and/or killed in Chicago, certain American citizens are being persecuted by the EPA for this or that, and -oh- the POTUS is at the climate change meeting. Yawn.
    I’m pretty much done with cable news (or whatever it is), and have returned to old, B&W movies.

    • Good one! I am too sick of even fox. Rush Limbo too.
      Defend defend instead of attack attack !

      Done with it, even the supposed pro Trump are always taking about what the dems say.
      Who cares what the dems and fake news says. Say what all the good stuff Trump is doing and make the dems defend!!!!

      Democrats are not worth our time!

  2. “The next day, Trump fired Comey.

    A week earlier, Grassley sent Comey’s boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a letter urging him to make sure the leaks are “fully and impartially investigated.” Grassley indicated he wasn’t confident Comey or his deputy, McCabe, was up to the task.

    He even listed McCabe as among the “potential suspects” in the leaks scandal. Grassley suggested McCabe is politically compromised due to his “financial and political links” to a close Hillary Clinton campaign operative. The senator added that McCabe has a “conflict of interest” investigating “what appear to be multiple politically motivated leaks of classified information related to the Russia controversy.”

    This is a direct quote from the article linked below.

    Guess who is not only still around, but, for all intents and purposes, in charge? Yep, McCabe.

    Let’s hope Sessions is waiting for a new FBI Director before cutting him loose. Although I doubt it, and he’s gathered so much information and intel that the damage is done.

    • It’s the Enemy Within doing what it does–subverting, creating chaos, destroying peoples’ lives, acting completely out of the bounds of law.

  3. Books banned since 1950 from public discourse make sense to people who have forsaken all MSM motion image, print, & audio ‘news’!