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Video || Sean Spicer’s Spiciest Moments, Part Two

Okay, it’s Volume One from the Daily Caller, but I ran Volume Two first, so here it’s Part One here.

Are we clear?

Just a┬áreminder of some of Sean’s best moments amid reports he is about to be given the hook. Personally, I’ve seen plenty of press secretaries, and I think Sean does pretty well, despite some mistakes.

2 Responses to Video || Sean Spicer’s Spiciest Moments, Part Two

  1. Thanks. I love these.

    I think Spicer does a very good job. The WH Press Corpse is worse than it’s ever been and I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.

    • I do, too. Those (non) journalists just pummel him. They ask a five in one question, with a follow up. Think they should just shut it down. Total waste of time.