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Video || The American Tradition of Politicians Body-Slamming Journalists

Well, it turns out that guy in Montana who body-slammed a reporter went ahead and got elected to a House seat anyway.

Everyone seems surprised, but it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone on the Washington mainstream media that body-slamming a reporter, particularly one so dripping with metrosexuality — Oh, you broke my glasses! — might actually have HELPED his prospects.

This, of course, is not the first time in American history a politician has needed to body-slam a reporter. has documented several such cases.

3 thoughts on “Video || The American Tradition of Politicians Body-Slamming Journalists”

  1. I loved the video , thanks.

    Body slamming, only because Jacob said so. Something happened but whether it was body slamming or not…

    I am glad Gianforte won. He has another hurdle because Paulie Ryan made some mewing noises about whether he would seat Gianforte or not.

    No matter. The Dems lose again. And that’s a good thing.

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