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Trump Invades Montenegro

Oh no, now it’s gotten really bad. First, he pushes past the prime minister of the proud nation of Montenegro. Now he’s gone and invaded the place. Will Trump ever just cut it out?

Here is the video, captured by the Russians, I think, of Trump shoving the leader of the Montenegrans — Is that what they’re called? — and then doing his little Mussolini imitation.

Anyway, the upside for Montenegro is that nobody ever heard of the prime minister of Montenegro until now, or, let’s be honest, most people had never heard of Montenegro in the first place. Many probably thought is was a car. Oh, did you hear, Taylor Swift just bought herself a new Montenegro Z-360. Sweet! 

All this just as Montenegro is preparing to join NATO and make the solemn pledge that it will defend the United States if we are attacked. It will also pay two percent of its GDP, or ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, to help defend Western Civlization. Show a little gratitude, Mr. Trump.

10 thoughts on “Trump Invades Montenegro”

  1. Woke up the the funny side of the bed today, did you?
    Maybe he was going to run to the head, and changed his mind, wanted to hang out with that PM?

  2. Beautifully funny column and it should shut the MSM up before they can start meowing about “Trump brutally shoves Montenegran blah blah blah”

  3. Montenegrans, well maybe , but I have never heard them called Montenegroes. We call them Montenegriner. I didn´t know that this tiny country was to be sneaked into NATO. Yet another. I am sure Montenegro will benefit a lot…..( sarcasm ). But seriously, I guess that the NATO Airforce just wants some more airports.

  4. The President was comedic in his ‘me 1st!’ place in line & his following grandiose pose – all of which was taken in gracious stride by the P.M. of Montenegro!

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