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Video || Trump Tells NATO Leaders to Pay Their Fair Share As They Look On

This is great. The free ride is over.

President Trump today in Brussels informed NATO leaders, as they looked on somewhat uncomfortably, that they would each be forking over at least two percent of their GDP to pay for their own defense.

Only five of NATO’s 28 members — the United States, Greece, Poland, Estonia and the United Kingdom, currently meet the 2 percent target.

Germany, wealthy Germany, only drops down 1.2 percent and claims it doesn’t own any arrears.

Look at about 0:38, you can see one of them, a woman, I don’t know, the prime minister of Slovakia or whatever, literally gulp as Trump tell them it’s time to pay their fair share.

Anyway, Trump will get some more money out of them, but they all know that we’re going to save their sorry asses if it comes down to it — even as they think of us as a bunch of rubes behind our backs — which is why they haven’t been paying in the first place.

9 Responses to Video || Trump Tells NATO Leaders to Pay Their Fair Share As They Look On

  1. As usual lame stream media says President Trump was shunned after calling out all the dead beats while waiting for the group photo. What they don’t get is we don’t care if President Trump is not buddy buddy with these freeloaders.

  2. Slovakia is poor. Proud to be in NATO, fought hard to get in. Tough on immigrants and strongly anti terrorists. So, it will be tough for them to pony up, of course. I suspect they will.

    I have no respect for Germany or Merkel. Bullies.

  3. “Free ride”, “save their sorry asses”, well it´s really not that simple.It was easier during the Cold War but it isn´t today. There are much bigger questions involved. What is NATO ? Who uses NATO, for what purposes ? NATO was for example used to oust Khadaffi and no ordinary European can argue that the Libya mess benefits us, on the contrary, it hurts us. I think NATO has become a tool for the globalists agenda. One can argue that neocons today use NATO in Europe to isolate and threaten the other big power, Russia. You must understand that many Europeans today do not see Russia as a threat, we want to make business deals, have sports tournaments, exchange culture etc with Russia. Russia is NOT Soviet. I liked what Trump said during the campaign, that NATO should be dissolved or at least reformed. My belief is that every nation should organize their own defense, carry their own defense costs. Well, I believe in more nationalism. I do not like the idea to pool all the defense money in NATO and allow other nations , which really means Washington DC, to take the military decisions. Trump should have stuck to his original ideas here.

    • Appreciate your opinion as always. Although I think your view of Russia is naive.

      If Sweden wants Russia’s protection that is up to them. I am pretty sure Poland, and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe would disagree.

      As for a nation carrying their own costs and being responsible for their own military defense. Good luck with that. There are many small nations that would be overcome.

      NATO does need to be reformed. And cost sharing is a good start.


      • But Grace, we used to be responsible for our own defense. That is the normality. I hate to give up our defense and hand over the keys to idiots like Hillary or Obama or McCain. I believe in more European independence.
        And I definitely do not want any “Russian protection”. Oh no no no, absolutely not.