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Trump Schedule || Friday, May 26, 2017

President Trump today is in Taormina in Sicily, Italy, for a meeting of the G7 leaders.

4 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Friday, May 26, 2017”

    I visited Taormina many years ago, it was such a lovely place with fantastic Roman remnants. I wonder how it is nowadays. Sicily is close to Africa and is hit hard by the migrant invasions and it has everything to do with the removal of Khadaffi, thank you NATO. I also suspect that organized crime is heavily involved in this “refugee” business. I hope they will discuss this issue today. They must get some kind of deal with Libya to build big migrant camps over there so the boats can just be escorted back to Africa.

  2. I was in Taormina 3 years ago… fantastic place to be… romantic, great views, yummy food. It a hillside town with not many hotels…wonder where the entourage is staying?

    I would go back in a heartbeat

  3. OT Yea Ramadan./sarc

    26 Coptic Christians killed in Egypt.

    The US has a “statute that creates an express lane for persecuted religious minorities, which we adopted after the Holocaust, that the Obamans ignored. We outsource our refugee vetting to the UN, but ME Christians and Yazidis won’t go into the UN camps because they know the Muslims in the camps will kill them in their sleep.

    Trump’s first EO gave some priority to persecuted religious minorities but it got dropped in the second so as to not give Leftist judges grounds to find discrimination against Muslims.”
    “Honestly the Best Bet for the Coptics is Israel. AND I am sure they would take them if they could get out”

    This is from part of thread at AOS. I borrowed the words because that is what I think as well.

    The US is doing an embarrassingly poor job of protecting Christians persecuted and killed in Muslim countries. And it does look as if Israel would be the only country that would take them. We should be ashamed, as a nation.

    And all of the churches, assisting illegals with the aid of big government contracts, should be as well.

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