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Obama Bashes Trump While Both are in Europe

Can somebody please explain to me why the former president, whose policies were rejected at the polls in November, is in Europe at the same time as the current president bashing his policies?

Is there any notion in Barack Obama’s mind that maybe he shouldn’t be criticizing the U.S. president on foreign soil, at least after he has just left office and President Trump is just trying to get started? No, of course not. Worse, he does it in Europe, sitting with his girlfriend Angela Merkel, while Trump is also in Europe.

Obama, amidst a flourish of his usual pseudoprofundity, dropped in a criticism of President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“In this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall,” he said, an obvious applause line for Germans who had their own wall to deal with. Though theirs kept people in a country — East Germany — not out.

Obama’s only been out of office for a few months, but I’m already unbearably sick of a couple of things. First of all, how he pretends to be a classy post-presidential act by not mentioning Trump by name, even though he can’t resist indirectly slamming him. It’s not very subtle.

The second is how he struts around with his sunglasses and a smug look on his face, applauded everywhere he goes, after serving as the worst president since, I dunno, James Buchanan. The economy never came out of the dumps under Obama, and the world is in crisis. As Trump has noted, he inherited a total “mess.” And yet, Obama walks around on Cloud Nine, thinks he belongs there, and has diaper rash from all the ass kissing he receives.

If Obama had stayed in office another four years, Trump’s Mexican wall would have been built to keep Americans from fleeing their country too.

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  1. hopefully he will be home soon so he can start campaigning for other democrats for next year…I want all those senate seats up for grabs to get a super majority and crush the dems for good.

    • Also it was bad form, but not out of character, for Frau Merkel to meet with Obama while the President is in Europe. He will be leaving soon.

      Obama is fast becoming Euro trash — so his availability to meet is not exactly a once in a life time opportunity. He’ll be hanging out.

  2. Is this article about the structural and logistical stupidity of building a wall or just expressing hatred of an ex president?
    As an engineer, that wall is ridiculous and is only enticing as a “concept”. Most people can’t shake the concept from the reality of building something that will only interfere with the movement of tortoises and flash floods.

    • You don’t sound like an engineer.

      “Is this article about the structural and logistical stupidity of building a wall or just expressing hatred of an ex president?”

      I think that you missed the point of the article entirely.

    • I’d say its about the hatred that an incompetent, failed ex-president espouses towards his successor and the country he once led.

    • For the millionth time, there is no intention of building a 1,954-mile concrete wall on the US/Mexican border. Some portions will be concrete, some portions will be electronically monitored, some will be patrolled by Border agents and dogs, some will be laid with difficult to climb wooden fences, some monitored by satellites, some by laser beams, some patrolled by aircraft, etc. It all depends on the geography of the location and known illegal immigration traffic patterns in a particular area.

  3. Perhaps Barry went to see Merkle so he could bring a few of the refugees back with him. After all his Chicago house is empty and has 6200 square feet so that should fit a good 2 dozen refugees and the DC house has 8200 square feet so a good 2 dozen there to protect Valjar while Barry is out of town is not really a far fetched idea. He has to pay the electric bill, water bill, lawn care etc anyway so he could just share his wealth with the less fortunate. He could have them work in his home garage office in exchange for food.

  4. My my my Keith… :):)

    I could not agree with you more. Also, it is difficult to deliver “tone” in writing. You did. And it made me laugh.

    The picture of the big earred, heavy lidded dilettante is spot on.

    Well, you know, they say — if you drag a dollar …

  5. Barack Obama, enthralled as he is by his own fabulosity, will never shut up.
    He is such an immature little putz, going around trashing the USA and our new president. I’m still stunned and embarrassed that he was ever POTUS.
    People complain about DT, but BO is the absolute worst thing since Castor Oil.

  6. I wonder if Obama’s global gallivanting would be curtailed if his security costs came out of his pocket. There’s a budget cut I can enthusiastically support.

  7. Obama is one of the rudest presidents we have ever had. He just cannot stop himself.
    We are so glad he is not the president anymore. He was such an embarrassment!

  8. 1. The One, Meesh, and Valjar built a tall wall around their new shared home in Washington, D.C.
    2. Call me nuts, but you’ll be wrong — Obama is feeling around, testing the waters for another run for President in 2020. If the Dems don’t come up with some better, I can see him getting his chance.

  9. He will be like the clinton’s but worse. This liar-and-chief will never go away. People will treat him like a celebrity (he loves that) and he will keep taking peoples money talking a bunch of bull and doing nothing. There is no bottom for this person.

  10. 0 has always been extremely insecure and thin skinned.
    I also can’t look or listen to jug ears. Cable gone five years ago. The most horrible excuse for prez in this boomer’s life.

  11. I had thought the very same thing–why in the world is NObama in Europe at the same time as President Donald J. Trump and his very classy First Lady Melania? Then, Hillary is having coughing fits in between her bashing of President Trump in America. Outlandish and absolutely disgusting, sickening, inappropriate, stupid, narcissistic, blatantly despicable–yet people laugh and clap? The latter are as much in the same categories that I pointed out!

  12. And also, why is NO building a wall around his “secret” hideaway in D.C. if he thinks walls should not be built to keep people out? Is it so true Americans will not be able to see those he is inviting in?