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Trump Schedule || Wednesday, May 24, 2017

President Trump is in Rome today, where he will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

He will also meet with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni before moving on Wednesday to Brussels, Belgium for a NATO Summit and meetings with EU leaders on Thursday.

While in Belgium, he will also gather with the country’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde and hold a bilateral session with Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel.

6 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Wednesday, May 24, 2017”

  1. Rome ? Wasn´t the plan to go to Taormina, Sicily ?
    Off topic, the singer Morrisey nails it in this great rant. He says: I hit at the politicians who never would change the immigration politics whatever happens. They are all safe while the rest of us are vulnerable. They are afraid to refer to Abedin ( the terrorist-murderer ) as an Islamist extremist, they never mention Islam at all. It is easy to pompously say that we are unafraid when they are all protected. Theresa May, claims that it will “not break us”, well, it means that it will not break her and her politics. And the London Muslim mayor Khan fails to condemn IS, again. Finally, the Queen ought to postpone her coctail party at Buckingham Palace, but will not do that.
    Manchester is Morriseys home town. And yes, I agree with every word here, very well said, thank you Morrisey.
    Also, where are the Imams, the religious leaders who ought to be very grateful that they are allowed to stay and preach in a Western country ? Where are they now ? When will they speak out ?Just like Morrisey, I am so appalled by the knowledge that nothing, nothing will be done to the root of the evilness, Islamism.

    1. Right on, Swedish Lady. Ivan surprised to say that u am in agreement with Morrissey here; normally that’s not so. What a terrible shame that western political and Muslim religious leaders continue to refuse to confront this threat as they should. It drives me crazy, seeing all the concern about “Islamophobia” to the detriment of the victims. Happens after every one of these terrorist acts.

  2. Yesterday Carol posted that PBS’ Frontline would have a program about Steve Bannon. I watched it. Lots of things I did not know about him. I did not realize how influential he has been. One of his documentaries is Generation Zero. I plan to watch it this afternoon. You can learn lots about him by searching Wikipedia for Steve Bannon and General Zero. Also, there are lots of You Tubes about him. Here is the link to his film. I hope You Tube will post the Frontline program.

    1. Yes Old Timer it was a very interesting program and I also did not know how totally conservative he really is….he stays out of the limelight as much as possible and I liked the part where the one speaker said that Bannon can say things that not even Jared or Ivanka can say to President Trump. If Frontline runs it again I will let everyone know.

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