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Manchester Can Thank Obama and Clinton for Making Libya A Terrorist Haven

The latest news indicates that the British-born citizen of Libyan extraction who committed terrorist bombing in Manchester this week had ties to Islamists in his parent’s home country.

Now you remember who is responsible for the situation in Libya, don’t you?

From the Washington Post:

In Libya, meanwhile, an official said counterterrorism authorities have arrested at least two members of the family of the bomber, Salman Abedi, including a younger brother suspected of planning an attack in Libya’s main city, Tripoli.

Ahmed Dagdoug, spokesman for Libya’s counterterrorism Reda Force, said Hashem Abedi was arrested Tuesday and is suspected of “planning to stage an attack in Tripoli.” Abedi’s father, Ramadan, was arrested Wednesday.

Dagdoug said Hashem was also in frequent contact with his brother Salman in Manchester and was aware of the plans to attack the concert.

It was unclear whether Abedi’s family were a key part of the network planning the Manchester attack, but authorities were increasingly exploring the emerging connections between Britain and Libya.

Muammar Qaddafi was a brutal dictator. But at the moment in 2011 when Barack Obama and his incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, decided to remove him from power, he wasn’t bothering the United States. In fact, he was acting pretty friendly and had given up his nuclear weapons program, and he was obviously keeping a lid on Islamic extremism within his own country.

Hillary Clinton with Hijab

President Trump, of course, is getting attacked for being too friendly with Middle East satraps and failing to fully harangue them about their human rights records. But Trump has the right idea. This is a barbaric corner of the world, and only nasty operators can keep the savagery at bay and from becoming organized in a way that it comes to get us.

We’ve seen this in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, and we will see it elsewhere if we undermine friendly Arab leaders. We saw it in Egypt until Egyptian President Sisi stepped in and solved the problem.

Sure, we should push for reform in these societies. But the priority has to be having people in charge who can maintain order and keep terrorism at bay. The “underlying problems” in these cultures are not going to be fixed by allowing and abetting revolutions that put Islamists in power or that create chaos that permits Islamists to thrive.

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  1. In Libya, muslims are capturing the illegal immigrant people who go through the nation to try to catch a boat for Italy. They sell these people as sex slaves or work slaves. Slavery is an integral part of Islam.

    Another reason more migrants should not be rewarded with legal status. They may never make it to where they want to go.

  2. Excellent, Keith. Just plain excellent.

    President Trump will spend much of his first term repairing the purposely inflicted damage the Obama administration infected on the United States of America–on our international status, our domestic issues, the institutions which make the government function properly, our morale, the economy, our educational system, our trust in government, etc.

    It’s a tough task, and it will require smart, effective, meaningful strategy, tactics and implementation. There will be mistakes made, and the press will amplify every misstep for weeks on end. But it will get done.

  3. Most excellent Keith. Seared into my memory is HRC, seated IIRC, swelled with self importance and cackling “We came, We saw, He died” about Qaddafi. She was evil.

    Their ME policy was a disaster for the Middle East and for the United States.

    That said, something occurred to me today when I heard that US intell services had leaked information to the LA Times and others about the Manchester Islamic terrorist attack, against the expressed wishes of the UK, supposedly a friend and ally .

    And this arrogance reflects, to me, the very sad and disturbing state of our intell and State Department organizations today. Leaks and attacks against the President, mishandling of confidential information and in cahoots with the media and the Democrats who would like nothing better than to replace him, lies, back stabbing etc. A blind eye to the wrong doings of the Democrats and their ilk. This apparatus developed slowly throughout the rule of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Benghazi.

    I am disturbed at the disdain I have today for our organizations. I look at Clapper, Brennan and Comey and think — at least J. Edgar was a better dresser.

    Of course, the caveat. Having been educated in WDC, and worked for a think tank and for various politicians I have many friends and colleagues employed or retired from these agencies. So my disdain is not blanket, but increasingly I see the corruption at levels and to a degree I had not considered.

    It is not new. But it is deep and it is dark and disturbing.

    BTW, between 2010 and 2012 during the reign of Obama/Clinton China executed 12 US spies. The result of a leak at the CIA as yet undetermined. And not publicized to any degree. How many of those names were on Clinton’s personal server and traveled unchecked throughout the world, to friends and foes alike.

    1. gracepc…that is an excellent and well reasoned post about the DC culture & how US Intel organizations over the past decade have been infected and corrupted by politics, especially from the left-progressive/democrats and all of their left-wwing PC-SJW crap…

      (my call-sign “Langley Spook” is from my desire to be a CIA China Ops-Intel analyst :-(

      1. Thx. I get it . I was pretty set up but entertained the idea of being THE Russia desk at maybe CIA or …..

        Thankfully my life took a better turn. :)

      2. LS — So what do you think of the CIA/China thing 10-12 agents revealed and executed — more than Ames. Would be curious to hear your take. The LI article is a good start.

    2. Yes, Grace, I remember when Hillary grinned and said that comment after Khadaffis horrendous death.
      I also remember when Madeleine Albright said about the deaths of 500 000 Iraqi children, “it was worth it “.
      The souls of these people.

  4. I do not seem to remember alot of ‘in-depth’ coverage or reporting from the “MSM” about what was going on in Libya under Obama or that SecState Clinton…

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  6. Agree with you here, Keith. Big mistake to remove Khadaffi. We are paying for that now.
    “He wasn´t bothering the US “, yes right, and Assad isn´t bothering the US either. It will be a big mistake to remove him too.

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  8. UK now refusing to share intelligence info with US due to leaks especially the bomb photos in the NYT. They were revealed in the US before they were ready to release the info in the UK. It’s got to be the “Resist” Clinton/Obama holdovers trying to undermine President Trump. But with this they have crapped all over their own doorstep. But everyone else suffers as well. Time to prosecute the traitors surely.

    1. The Brit press is reporting that Therese May plans to speak with President Trump today about this outrageous intelligence leak. I suspect she will leave no doubt in Trump’s mind about what needs to be done to repair the damage.

  9. ***Manchester Can Thank Obama and Clinton for Making Libya A Terrorist Haven***

    …..yup! those puds have PLENTY of blood on their hands. Hell’s got a SPECIAL place reserved just for those perveyors of evil!

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