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Video || Melania Hand Swat: The Rome Edition

Well, she did it again. Here are President Trump and Mrs. Trump landing in Rome, and she again refuses to take his hand.

As you can see, she gets a nice little pat in the ass instead.

She did it before in Israel.

Now, of course, it could be that she’s sick of him and is doing this instead of throwing him out the window of Air Force One. But I’d say more likely, she thinks, and possibly has been instructed, that the two of them arriving on a diplomatic mission holding hands like a couple of schoolkids is not the right protocol for the occassion.

5 Responses to Video || Melania Hand Swat: The Rome Edition

  1. What a tempest in a teapot! In the second video, it appears that she reaches up to smooth an errant lock of hair back in place, just as he reaches for her hand. Do people have nothing more important to obsess over?

  2. Presidential protocol is that the President always leads the way. He is first to go through a door, leaving Air Force One, etc. Also, everyone walks behind him. She knew the protocol. Here we go again, MSM is trying to make something out of nothing.