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Brennan: Contacts and Interactions Do Not Mean Collusion

Sorry to disappoint. Okay, you want corruption related to the Soviet Union? Here. Bill Clinton’s trip to Kazakhstan in 2005, while Hillary Clinton was a senator and preparing to run for president.

Don’t forget the $500,000 Bill was paid for a speech in Moscow in 2010, while his wife was Secretary of State. Does he not share his money with his wife? Maybe it’s just his and he uses this money to pay for dinner when they go out, since he’s a gentleman.

3 Responses to Brennan: Contacts and Interactions Do Not Mean Collusion

  1. Couple of points about Brennan so we can better understand how his brain is wired and what he’s up to:

    “CIA Director John Brennan Admitted Voting For the Communist Party in 1980 During Polygraph…”

    “Growing evidence that CIA’s John Brennan is a Wahhabist convert”

    So, of course, Obama named him CIA Director.

    Amazing what Barry O got away with, ain’t it?

  2. It can be revealed now that a CI (confidential informant) had been embedded inside the Trump campaign of 2016.
    His report outlines in some detail how D.Trump and “Ivan” conspired to remove the words Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin from the DNC official website.
    Unknown to the Clinton campaign officials at the time, the removal of those three words would be the deciding factor that caused Clinton to lose the election.
    Will this ever end?

  3. I guess we could accommodate the Russian phobia folks and expand the collusions. Anyone that has tasted Stolichnaya (Столичная) brand Vodka has had a direct connection with the Russians. And, should be grilled to the enth degree under the hot lights.