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Video || Trump Arrival Ceremony in Israel

I’m a sucker for the grandeur of events such as these, so I give you video showing the entire arrival ceremony earlier today in Israel.

If you want to skip a head to Trumps, Remarks, they begin at about 21:10.

“We love Israel; we respect Israel. And I send your people the warmest greetings from your friend and ally, all of the people in the United States of America,” he said. “We are with you. Thank you and God bless you.”

We don’t know whether Trump is about to pressure Israel into an unwelcome peace deal, although I doubt it. We do know that with Trump, unlike Obama, Israel has a sincere friend who understands its moral superiority to its neighbots and enemies and gets exactly who are the enemies, and who are the friends.

No more equating Israel with its enemies.

While Obama spent his presidency sucking up to the mullahs in Iran, Trump during this trip is seeking to ally Israel and the Arab world against Iran. He gets that the Saudis and other Arab states have their own problems, big ones. But he also understands that Iran is the key enemy, and that it has to be isolated and stopped.

8 thoughts on “Video || Trump Arrival Ceremony in Israel”

  1. The honors and respect shown by the Arab world and Israel to MrTrump is really ours.
    We gave the world a man with ideas and ideals that could reset the future to a positive and peaceful outcome.
    We did that – We,the deplorables of America, who believed that MrTrump could do what he proposed.

    1. Right on, right on, right on!!!!
      Yes, thanks, Keith for putting this up.
      Wish MSM covered this the way they cover a few snowflakes walking out on a speech.

  2. President Trump-we are proud of you and your wife.
    Love the Jewish music
    Love that they had the microphones on so we could hear the greetings.
    Love the big blue and white bird in the background.

    Thank you Keith for putting this up.

  3. Thanks to the Wash Examiner website we can watch MrsTrump “swat” away the President’s hand as they walked on the Red Carpet.
    Perhaps she was comfortable walking slightly behind him (as is custom and protocol), or that she can’t match his manly stride with her 4in heels and straight skirt, or as we’re supposed to think – she hates him and doesn’t want him to touch her.
    Holy Moly, can the MSM just get over it, ever? He’s the POTUS, we elected him to lead our country, but he’s not Barack Obama. Or Hillary Clinton.

  4. Thanks Keith. I am a sucker for these things too. The President and First Lady did the country proud. It was also nice to see how relaxed the two leaders were with one another.

    An aside. Awaiting the arrival there is a woman in a white dress with red graphic print down the front, I think she is the US Ambassador’s wife. No personal offense. No one looks good in prints running down the middle. Michelle in her red and black poisonous spider dress or Oprah Winfrey in some black and white thing that made her look like a whale. Just saying.

  5. President Trump’s visit to Israel and his joyous meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu stands in stark contrast to the Obama-Netanyahu relationship we saw in 2010 (and throughout Obama’s 8 years, for that matter).

    Remember this?

    “The White House denied Netanyahu the red carpet treatment generally afforded to visiting heads of state.
    The Israeli prime minister and Obama didn’t pose for photos together, and Netanyahu was excluded from dinner with the president Tuesday night.

    “When Netanyahu wouldn’t agree to concessions, Obama left a meeting with him, though he invited Netanyahu to stay at the White House, talk to Obama advisers and “let me know if there is anything new,” a U.S. congressman who spoke to Netanyahu, told The Times of London.

    “It was awful,” the congressman said.”

    We’re on the mend, thankfully

  6. Joe Curl pointed out that this might just be the first nonstop flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel in a long, long time. Normally, flights between the two countries will make a stopover in, say, Amman.

    That wasn’t just a time-saver: it was a tell. And you’d better BELIEVE they picked up on it in Teheran.

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