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Video || Notre Dame Students Walk Out on Pence Commencement Address

Looks like only a relative handful of young totalitarian dummies who approve of free speech as long as they agree with it. Glad they got booed, but I’m sure they still thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

10 Responses to Video || Notre Dame Students Walk Out on Pence Commencement Address

  1. Just because they went to class doesn’t mean they have class.

    MSM has covered it as though there were hundreds who walked out. I counted about 50 out of the over 2,000 graduates.

    They should have just stayed home.

  2. Take your overpriced degree and take the rest of your life to pay for it. I work with ppl that degrees from ND. Not bright enough to get out of the rain. Good luck, crybabies.

  3. Proportionately speaking he got a very good round of applause before the special snowflakes exited.

    And proportionately speaking (is that even correct? :) there were very few student walk outs.

    Why do we focus on that? I believe it is far better to not give them the attention they crave.

    Yes. Hire them. They might just do this when the CEO of your company is speaking. And that’s always good for business.

    • The MSM focuses on that because it loves examples of rudeness being offered to Trump admin members.

      Feeds their fantasies of reliving/living the 1960s.

  4. Notre Dame should null their degrees for being dummies. These students aren’t, apparently, intelligent enough to discern their own hypocrisy, and they aren’t educated enough to understand that freedom of speech goes both ways.

  5. A little insight into Notre Dame University, which still tries to sell itself as an authentic, true to the faith, Catholic University. T’ain’t so.

    In 1967, Notre Dame separated itself from its traditional educational and dogmatic ties to the Catholic Church and the authentic teaching of the Church with what was called the “Land o’ Lakes Declaration”.

    From the article cited below: “Notre Dame’s Fr. Hesburgh (President of the college when the agreement was accepted) was the rebels’ alpha male who ceremoniously announced that Catholic colleges and universities should be independent of, and no longer submissive to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church in their teaching and research functions, if they wanted to be “effective.””


    “It (the Land o’ Lakes Declaration) is, nevertheless, the academic version of Non serviam (We will not serve). At the very least, it leaves aside Catholic teaching on artificial contraception, embryonic research and abortion—the flash points for the current outrage. But beyond the hot button moral teachings of the Church, this declaration positions the entire corpus of Catholic doctrine as negotiable elements within the “academic community itself.”

    So that’s where Notre Dame is today. Don’t be fooled.

      • The same type of “independence” from Church teaching and basic dogma took place in other Catholic colleges and universities. They decided to do their own thing and it was off to the races for them. It was all the rage beginning in the 1970’s until even now, no doubt. There are exceptions to the trend–Franciscan University of Steubenville, St. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Thomas Aquinas College and some others who remain loyal to the Faith, maintain high academic standards and who haven’t succumbed to secularism and political correctness as defined by the madness of our era.

        Here’s a good list of trustworthy Catholic Colleges and University recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society. Notre Dame University is not on the list, you will note.

  6. The pinhead graduates are only taking the lead from the nitwit “Father” Jenkins and the rest of that vile faux-Catholic university by not inviting President Trump in the first place.

    One day a bishop with a pair will demand that they either behave as a Catholic university or cease and desist pretending to be so (and defiling the name of Our Lady in the process).