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Video || Trump Speech to the Muslim World – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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  1. A bit of history. Trump mentioned that FDR began the relationship between the USA and Saudi Arabia. During World War 2 the Allies met in Tehran. When the meeting was over FDR flew to Saudi Arabia. He gave the king a DC 3. This was a welcome gift because the country is so large and with few roads.

    Churchill was furious at FDR because FDR had not confided with him about the trip. Churchill instructed his people to give the king a gift. They gave a Rolls Royce. This was a mistake. The steering wheel was on the right side. That is where the king sits. He does not do the driving.

  2. A very carefully drafted speech.
    He actually told the Saudis to “defend” themselves and he made them buy lots and lots of American weapons to do it. Good for American business and jobs, a success here. He also told them to clean up their theology and control their mosques.That was loud and clear. But there were of course a lot of issues he could not mention as a guest of honor, the situation in Yemen for example. And now the Saudis have new weapons to use against these poor souls. That is “defense”, the Saudi way.
    But – he isolated Iran even more. This must cement the positions in the Middle East again. Russias clients, Iran and Syria, remain in the cold. Did he mention this to Lavrov when he visited ? So now, Russia will sell lots and lots of Russian made weapons to this side? Is that the deal ?
    And a big question for us in Europe , is he going to say/do anything about all the mosques that Saudi finances here in the West ? Saudi is the big exporter of extreme Wahabi-Sunni Islam.

    • You raise important points with the behavior of Saudi Arabia and our relationship with the Kingdom, as well as the ongoing animosity between Saudi and Iran. It’s a very complicated situation, and it looks like Trump has played his cards well, thus far, in the delicate situation. Iran no doubt has been paying attention. Russia is also watching with wide eyes.

      Here’s an April 2016 article describing the mess Obama made with our relationship with the Saudi regime, which is true, and a description of the corrupt and destabilizing influence of Saudi Arabia in the ME, which is also correct. They aren’t the only bad actors there, obviously, and aren’t the worst. But they are dangerous and act stupidly very often.

      My take on the Saudi situation is that the regime is corrupt to the core. They are untrustworthy, they peddle a repressive and cruel form of Islam around the world, they are interested only in what will make the Saudi leadership richer and more powerful. They are violators of human rights wherever they have any influence. And so on. But we have to dance with them on the world stage, create some sort of working relationship with them, call them to task when it comes to their sponsoring terrorism, etc.

      Trump is no fool and, no doubt, he’s been thoroughly briefed on both the overt, public behavior of the Saudis, but also the private, behind the curtain, backroom, secret and dangerous manipulation of world events the Saudi rulers engage in to benefit themselves. It would be interesting to read the intelligence portfolios we have on the Saudi leadership. I’m sure we’ve got all their vulnerabilities and peculiar personal behavior (and some of the Saudi leadership have VERY peculiar behaviors) well documented. And they know it, I suspect.

      We’ll see how it all works out.

      • Thanks for your interesting reply, Marcus. Yes, we all have to dance with them, one way or the other. Sweden exports weapons to them as well. We too take their money and run and hope they will not follow us.But the price is probably that we do not stop their building of mosques. Is the money worth it ? What will our grandchildren say ?
        I liked that the Trump ladies did not cover their heads.At least, we have no pictures of them in such garb.

    • I thought the speech was excellent.

      I also find it ironic that for a President accused of colluding with the Russians he went so far to isolate Russia’s pal Iran. /sarc

  3. When Obama went to Saudi, besides the skinny whimp bowing to the king, did they ever show on TV any of the footage of the visit? (like they did Pres. Trump)

  4. Call me crazy but: he has an opportunity to unite the middle east (against a common enemy) AND North and South Korea (after he get rid of the maniac kid). I’ve been wrong before but yesterday was impressive.