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18 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || May 20, 2017

  1. The Saudi reception is awesome. They have honored our President and sent a message to the world that he is someone to respect.

    • Over the course of my thirty plus years at sea, I have had the good fortune to transit the canal on a variety of American flagged merchant ships.
      No matter how long one has been going to sea, a transit of the Panama Canal is always a wonder to behold, no matter how many times you have been through.
      In 1988, I was an able seaman on a large bulk cargo ship completing the last leg of our round-the-world voyage that began in Baltimore and would end in New Orleans.
      We had loaded nearly forty thousand tons of raw sugar in the port of Nawiliwili on the island of Kauai and after more than 2 weeks at sea since departing Hawai’i, we took our arrival on the Pacific side of the ditch and awaited the pilot to board us and begin the northbound transit.
      Part of an able seaman’s job is to physically steer the ship under the direction of the Master, mate or pilot when maneuvering or in transit in pilotage waters.
      I wheeled and dealed with a couple of other AB’s and had the distinction of steering her from the Pacific side to the Atlantic side. Normally, one does not have to steer for more than hour, as you are on your feet and have to be on top of your game. It can be very demanding at times and frankly, you usually need a break from it.
      It really means nothing to anyone else except me, but it is something I sit back more than thirty years later and can say I did it.
      All ten hours on the wheel, through each set of locks, through Gaillard Cut and the Continental Divide and across Gatun Lake and Cristobal Bay through the jetties into the Atlantic.
      I wonder what our tolls were for that trip?
      Thanks for reminding me of a nice day at sea.

      • Otto, thanks for sharing. Good story. I have been on the Canal just once. I was with 3 others guys. We had a 30 foot fishing boat. We put in at a public boat ramp located midway between Mitaflores Locks and the Bridge of Americas. There was a patrol boat there to prevent us from heading to the locks. We headed to the Pacific. As we we passed under the Bridge of Americas I glance at the compose. It read Southeast. I keep forgetting Panama runs East/West.

      • By the way Otto, I am happy to say I bet Nawiliwili probably looks about the same all these years later, except maybe minus the cruise ships. And of course the raw sugar:(

  2. Now the MSM is screaming that Trump Bowed to Saudi King! Conveniently they’ve forgotten that Obama never met a dignitary that he DIDN’T bow to.

    Trump is taller and bent so the king could put it around his neck.

    How long must this petty, shallow behavior continue?

    • The petty, shallow behavior of the corporate media regarding President Trump will last until the very last minute of his Presidency and, likely, many years after.

      In their narrow, self-satisfied, unctuous world, Hillary was supposed to win. It was certain Trump would lose, and lose by a lot. “Everybody” knew that.
      Remember when they were peddling that Trump “didn’t really to be President”?

      All the fortune tellers and political astrologers promised she would win. So that was the way this movie was going to end.

      They will never forgive Trump for beating Hillary, denying her the throne and otherwise kicking the media’s butt. That’s just the way they are.

    • Correct observation.
      Plus, the King uses a cane, and if you look closely, he is a little bit stooped at the waist.
      To to try and make the King stand straight would have been a discourtesy .
      I emphasize with the King as I use a cane 24/7 and over time you get a little slouch in your walk.
      I guarantee that the media won’t report that Melania and the King shook hands.

  3. headline
    “Trump gets a medal, signs some deals”
    They can’t stand it, can’t deal with it – they are pathetic.
    Yes, he got Saudi’s highest civilian medal presented to him and yes, deals worth $150+BILLION to American companies were signed today.
    The MSM – Ha!
    What sore losers, what poor excuses for journalists. They should be ashamed.

    • Plus another $350 billion over the next decade.”
      Jobs, jobs, jobs.
      $350 billion dollars folks, I think we’re talking serious money here.