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Video || Trump’s Trip to the Middle East and Europe

Fox News has put together a nice little video summarizing President Trump’s itinerary and his goals for the trip. If you want to know what he’ll be doing for the next week, have a look.

5 Responses to Video || Trump’s Trip to the Middle East and Europe

  1. I’m exhausted just watching all that! I can’t put into words the feeling, the relief, I have with Trump representing us. I wish him all the best, and pray for his safety and security!

    • Tell Saudi Arabia and others that we want (demand!) free oil for the next ten years or we will not protect their private Boeing 747s.Pay up!

      Sep 10 2014 -Trump

      I bet you he won’t say that even though he tweeted it. Funny how things work.

      • obum-m made the deal he should go after it and while the creep goes after that deal, the creep should go get the millions he gave to Iran and received nothing for it … YOU IDIOT…

  2. Wow! The man is a powerhouse! AND…I’ll bet he will not bow to, or hold hands with, the King of Saudi Arabia or any other head of state.

  3. Whoever put that video together is a genius! The drums and the video together takes us on a ride that EXACTLY exemplifies TRUMP!!! Awesome!