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United States Bombs Assad-Backed Militia in Syria

The United States has bombed Shiite militia forces allied with Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to the Washington Examiner.

Please, tell me what the plan is here. Are we going to get into this thing? What happened to campaign promises to stay out of other people’s messes? And I gotta ask, could this be a diversion from domestic troubles for the president?

Sure hope not.

We’re not going to save Syria by replacing one group of animals with another. We’ve tried that, doesn’t work unless we get fully involved and stay there. Which we should not be doing. Do you want your child to die in Aleppo?

Big mistake.

9 thoughts on “United States Bombs Assad-Backed Militia in Syria”

  1. I hope and believe that President Trump isn´t involved.Why should he do this ? It is contra-productive. And wrong. No, I believe that “they” keep him distracted with Comey-Russia and take their chance. I read this : A US-led coalition spokesperson has confirmed a strike of Syrian government militia after it “moved against US-backed forces…” The “US-backed forces”, could it be….ISIS ?
    Yes, big mistake.

  2. Apparently, there are US and UK special forces at a base there training the Free Syrian Army and a convoy was approaching their base, so the convoy was bombed and they hit Iranian militias as well. So they say. That should complicate things no end.

  3. OT…I just got this email from Keith Ellison and am posting it here to let you know what these Progressive fanatics are planning to disrupt the proper functioning of our government this summer, which the D’s are calling “Resistance Summer”. Funded by the Clinton Foundation? By the new Obama Foundation? By George Soros? All of them?
    “Here’s something I think we can all agree on: no one should ever feel like Democrats are taking their vote for granted.

    “So this summer, we’re embarking on a mission to organize in every zip code, from Maine to Hawaii. We’re calling it Resistance Summer, and I want to invite you to be part of it.

    “Tom and I have met with thousands of folks all over the country who are fed up with Trump and his GOP allies in Congress, and they’re fired up to defeat them. But we’ve also heard loud and clear from supporters like you that the Democratic Party needs to be invested in our communities all the time — not just during election season.

    “So here’s our plan: we’re going to mobilize our grassroots supporters in every corner of the country by organizing, training volunteers, building neighborhood teams, and making smart, localized investments that address every community’s unique needs and issues.

    “This is how we win back control of state legislatures, governor’s mansions, Congress, and the White House, George — together, and one seat at a time.

    “We can’t do this without you, so I’m asking you to get involved. Add your name to learn more about Resistance Summer, and we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s happening in your community:

    1. Their ranks have been decimated over the past eight years at all levels (“state legislatures, governor’s mansions, Congress, and the White House”)…this party should be finished.

      1. Yep, they are destroying themselves as Progressives (classic and traditional Democrats have long since left the party), and slowly slipping into their graves. It’s been going on since the 1960’s and their demise is now at breakneck speed. This latest round of Russia/Flynn/special counsel, etc. silliness may be the wooden stake that finally does them in. There can’t be very many “high level anonymous sources” left in Washington whom they can quote to peddle their nonsense, one would think. They’ve about used them all up. ;+}

  4. It is my understanding that the Iran backed Shite forces were warned that they were engaging US assisted forces. They did not heed the warning and then were bombed by US aircraft. A well deserved “boot up the ass” signal to Iran forces allied against US supported forces.

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