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Trump May Take Spicer Off the Briefings

President Trump is considering curtailing the role of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, ending his time at the lectern doing on-camera briefings, scaling back the sessions altogether, and possibly revamping his press team.

According to Politico:

The press secretary, who has turned into a household name over the past five months and garnered sky-high television ratings for his daily press briefings, has also drawn the ire of the president. He is no longer expected to do a daily, on-camera briefing after Trump’s foreign trip, which begins Friday, the officials said.

The briefings have become one of the most dreaded parts of the president’s day, and Trump has told allies and aides he doesn’t want Spicer, who has developed a belligerent persona from behind the lectern, publicly defending and explaining the message anymore, officials added.

One senior White House official said deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will likely appear at the podium more often going forward, while Spicer will keep a senior role in the administration. Another official said to expect fewer on-camera briefings in general — something that the administration has been toying with since Trump entered office.

5 thoughts on “Trump May Take Spicer Off the Briefings”

  1. Bad Decision #1. Who is advising the President?

    The sharks already smell blood in the water. Keep it up and Trump might just as well retire to Mar-a-largo.

  2. (Trump)”he doesn’t want Spicer, who has developed a belligerent persona from behind the lectern”.
    I listen to the press briefings every day and it is the press corps that is belligerent.
    Every day at first, Russia, then Flynn, then Flynn and Russia, then Comey.
    Spicer opens with the current accomplishments of Trump and his administration .
    Never any questions on that. Nope right back to Russia,Flynn,Comey.
    How many times does Spicer have to say “I answered that question 3 times”?

  3. I guess I don’t get very excited about who the White House Press is or even if they have these WH pressers. Few citizens pay that much attention to what being is asked or responded to, IMHO, and nothing much really comes from them.

    On the other hand, a superb spokesperson, which we haven’t had for many years years since maybe Pierre Salinger, James Hagerty or even Marlin Fitzwater, can be very persuasive in advancing the President’s positions.

    It’s a thankless job, of course, and the spokesperson is always caught between the White House message, such as it is, and the carnivorous media, which wants nothing more than to make you look like a lying fool so they have something to write about that pleases their editor. ;+}

  4. We’ll see how long it takes Sarah to develop belligerence. It’s only natural when you’re facing a bunch of gotcha partisans who hate your boss.

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