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Why, Exactly, Do We Need a Special Prosecutor?

I don’t get it. Somone nobody never heard of, as they say in Joisey, Rod Rosenstein, decided that what the Russia election influence case demands is an investigator who is now going to spend years poking around the Trump administration looking for wrongdoing and crippling, or at least harming, the ability of the White House to get anything done as everyone lawyers up and watches what they say and do.

Not to mention staff time responding to requests for emails, documents, water cooler talk, and so forth.

There has not been a single piece of evidence produced showing that the campaign or the transition colluded with the Russians. There are only the histrionic eruptions of Trump’s Democratic opponents screaming that there must be some kind of collusion, charges dutifully echoed by their echo chamber in the press.

As Byron York notes in a Washington Examiner piece, the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of the matter was moving along nicely with bipartisan cooperation, and the end of the probe was in sight. Now there will be no end in sight.

What’s more, the FBI had its own probe going. After the explosive revelation that former FBI Director James Comey claims Trump suggested abandoning the investigation of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, the chances the White House would interfere or even appear to interfere again were probably nil.

Trump this morning lashed out on Twitter, and I don’t blame him.

It is witch hunt. There’s as much evidence so far for witches as there is for Trump-Putin collusion. Maybe there’s more evidence for witches, not sure.

Now, Democrats, of course, want to impeach Trump for obstruction of justice in the Comey matter. And no doubt, the special prosecutor, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, will get into all that too. But charges against a president are a matter for Congress. And Republicans, who are calling on Comey to testify, have shown a willingness to let the facts fall where they may that Democrats would never have evinced.

I’m wondering if Rosenstein was animated at least in part by the need to preserve his own stellar reputation, which was sullied by his participation in crafting a rationale for Trump’s firing of Comey.

No doubt the special prosecutor will come up with some crimes to justify his existence. I’m not saying Mueller would do anything unethical. It’s just human nature. And he will be tempted, as York notes, to crawl down every rabbit hole that opens up and see what he finds. Just as previous special and independent prosecutors with unlimited time and lots of money on their hands have done.

Of course they’ll find crimes! Look endlessly around any large organization and you’ll find something. Some people break laws they don’t know exist, and some people are corrupt — everywhere, whether it’s Obama’s White House or Trump’s, or on the production set of Sesame Street. That’s why Obama’s Justice Department never appointed a special prosecutor for Hillary, the IRS, Fast and Furious etc, etc.

As Trump noted this morning:

Those who are leaking information against Trump have now achieved an important objective. They have hobbled his presidency, and possibly, ended it too.

28 thoughts on “Why, Exactly, Do We Need a Special Prosecutor?”

  1. Great comment, Keith. “Not a single piece of evidence”. Exactly.
    This IS a coup in slow motion. I wonder if the impeachment-tool, Mr Green, even knows what it is all about.

  2. I don’t think all of this “Henny Penny, the sky is falling” is necessary at all. Trump and his administration should just carry on normally and give absolutely no heed to these accusations let alone the credence assumed when accused.

  3. The specific “crime” was the release of emails from John Podesta to MrsClinton and other Dems that were publically released.
    The only accusation of vote tampering or voter fraud was put forth by the Trump campaign.
    There is no evidence of any election tampering other than that done by the Clinton campaign who used their influence with the MSM and a staggering campaign slush fund.

    Let them investigate any and all. If they start with the Comey diary, it will all come to a sudden stop as it will reveal what he knows about Obama, Clinton, and every other Dem operative.

  4. It’s all part of the moon-is made-of-cheddar-cheese political tactic of the current Democrat Progressives. It goes something like this, as it might show up in a Sunday morning George Stephanopoulos interview with President Trump:

    Stephanopoulos: Mr. Trump, renown Professor Sedgwick Doofus, of East Dumptruck University has proved conclusively that the moon is made up entirely of cheddar cheese. Your reaction, sir?

    Trump: He’s full of crap.

    Stephanopoulos: So you are denying what most scientists are now admitting is the greatest scientific discovery of the modern era?

    Trump: Yes, I am.

    Next day’s Headline:

    “Trump Denies Moon Is Made of Cheddar Cheese: Democrats Demand Congressional Investigation; Russian Ties Suspected; Schumer Suggests Trump Is Insane”.

  5. If Robert Mueller concludes there is substance to the charges against Trump have merit, Schumer and Pelosi, the corporate media and the rest of the Progressive herd will tell us Mueller is the greatest human being who ever lived. If Mueller concludes there is no there there, and Trump is innocent, Schumer and Pelosi et al will tell us that Mueller is the most evil person who ever walked the face of the earth, and probably in league with Satan.

    That’s what’s coming. Count on it.

    1. What’s coming, I fear, is millions of Americans coming to the conclusion that they have nothing left to lose but their country.

      It bears repeating: I REALLY want to be wrong here.

  6. Over the decades, there have been special prosecutors for the most ridiculous things such as the claim that Reagan conspired with the Iranians to delay the release of the hostages. There was even something about GHW Bush riding in the back of an SR-71 to meet with them. PlameGate was almost as ridiculous. Both were essentially driven by delusions on the Left. This is no different.

  7. When will the right learn from the left. When the accusations fly, go Billy on them:

    Deny, deny, deny
    Deflect, deflect, chuckle, deflect.

    And after a while, call it old news, lets move on.

    Worked for the Clintons many times


  8. Because there is no crime the entire exercise will be one lie after another. I would like one person to ask Mr. Fancy Pants Mueller or that Rosentein what crime they are investigating? What specific crime?

    No one will do that. Not one lousy cowardly Republican. In 2014 both McConnell and Ryan said about Obama
    impeachment is off the table. Will they do this for Trump? No, they will not.

    This is a lynching. Pure and Simple. And it is disgusting. And the Republicans disgust me the most. This is expected behavior from the Democrats. As the minority they will do as much as the majority allows. And then some.

    And where the hell is Jeff Sessions? Please do not even talk to me about the propriety of recusal. Unrecuse yourself. It’s not like this is a country of laws.

  9. Mission Accomplished – Courtesy of Left Wing MSM!

    There will be a continued cheering on an ongoing basis…

    Need to get used to it…

    1. The only way impeachment becomes a real threat — beyond Maxine Waters’ fevered excuse for a mind — is if the Gimmecrats flip both houses in ’18. I could be wrong, but I doubt that’s going to happen, and pissed-off voters are quite likely to punish the Gimmes for their national sabotage in the midterms. So I suspect Mike Pence is a hole card that will never be played. However — if it should happen — be absolutely certain that Pence will get the same treatment from the Gimmes and their lefty assassins that they’re giving to Trump.

      The pond scum that passes for the GOP is a pathetic collection of bacteria that wouldn’t even make a good virus.

      1. I agree with your assessment of the ’18 elections. For all the recent “we will take back Congress” narrative that is oh-so conveniently floated by certain daily “news”sources, the election is almost 18 months away. Far too early. I also doubt that the attention span of the American electorate will last that long if a number of them on the Left make some sort of “commitment” to unseat the Republicans. They lost the Senate in 2014 in part due to low turn-out. So, yes, by all means, make noise now about 2018, see that the President will still be there in 2018, and don’t show up to vote. Honestly, there also has to be a limit to the junk that the media digs tries to pin on the President. It’s going to look pathetic to independents after a while, if not to the deluded hard-core, knee-jerk Left.

  10. What I don’t understand is why Trump did not appoint a special prosecutor to look at the Clinton crimes. How he done this when he took office all the reporting would be about that. And there really is a case to be made against Clinton. As far as I can see there is no case to be made against Trump.

    1. I’m guessing he probably decided, and was so advised, that moving on would be better than tying down his agenda with a huge political and legal fustercluck. He might also have imagined that not going after Hillary would perhaps gain some good will with the Gimmecrats. That was never going to happen, but I give him good marks for trying.

  11. “It is witch hunt.”

    Exactly right, and the Gimmecrats’ “coven” is led by that paragon of political rectitude, Senator Schmuck Schumer. The Gimmes are all parroting the buzz phrase about getting to the bottom of things. When they get there, guess what they’ll find: the Gimmecrat bottom feeders who proved once again that Josef Goebbels was right about big lies.

  12. For every accusation made to him, Trump should just smile, shake his head slightly in a pitying manner and say, The just don’t get it, do they?” And we could do our part by imitating him and saying, “You just don’t get it.”

  13. Keith et al,

    I saw this comment elsewhere.I don’t know if Mueller is Special Prosecutor or Special Consul, but if you accept this explanation, then no crime is needed. But a lot of damage can be done, and Trump can be more than hobbled.

    Thing is… this is NOT a Special Prosecutor… this is a special counsel… which means…. jack…

    Because to be a prosecutor it would need to be a criminal investigation, not an intelligence operation…

    So in essence, as there will be no formal charges ever brought, this is a POLITICAL operation, using the power of the entire US Intelligence apparatus… with no check or balance as to what it can do…. including…. leak information.

    They have engineered a situation where the Deep State, can LEGALLY go after the President of the United States… and neither the President, nor Attorney General, can stop it.

  14. My hopes are that the special prosecutor looking into Russia’s influence into the 2016 elections will reopen looking at HRC’s emails and a Grand Jury.

  15. Just another way to fleece the American taxpayer – these things cost millions and run for years. What a waste and a continuation of the swamp.

  16. We need a special prosecutor to handle the many crimes of the Ambassador Clinton and the other malefactors in the Obozo regime.

  17. I don’t think there was a need either, but I also put this into my Sunday column:
    “It’s not a perfect solution but when surrounded by a pack of foaming at the mouth rabid dogs, far better to throw them a bone than to anger them more.”
    The hysteria was out of control and would only keep doing more damage.
    If Trump will use this as an opportunity to refocus on why he was elected and stop the tantrum tweets that hurts him the most, there might be a chance to salvage this thing yet.

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