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Obama: Trump is “Nothing But a Bullshitter”

Well, yes, the author of “The Art of the Deal” is a pretty good bullshitter. At least he’s not pretending to be something else.

According to People magazine:

“He’s nothing but a bullsh–ter,” Obama told two friends early last November, describing an election night phone call with Trump, in which the businessman suddenly professed his “respect” and “admiration” for Obama—after years of hectoring.

Speaking to PEOPLE for its new cover story on Obama and his wife Michelle adjusting to life outside the White House, the two friends quoted Obama’s blunt assessment of President-elect Trump. And how has Obama’s opinion changed since Trump been in office? “Well,” said one of the sources, “it hasn’t gotten any better.”

I’d say between the two, the one who has been the most disingenuous is the one who has been pretending to want a graceful transition while suggesting his successor’s supporters are racist.

28 thoughts on “Obama: Trump is “Nothing But a Bullshitter””

  1. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”
    “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”
    “There’s a red line in Syria”
    So sez’ the KING of BS.
    Barry, your so called legacy is being dismembered piece by piece. TS chump

  2. Well, since all public discourse these days seems to have descended to playground taunts, or lower:

    Takes one to know one!

  3. Bad form is what the Brits call this kind of thing. We just call it being rude and clueless.

    It has always been the custom for former Presidents to disappear from public view and comment out of respect for the office and the country. The MSM that can’t seem to understand that he’s no longer the head of anything, has no standing in even Dem politics, and isn’t a very beloved former President. Neither can he – obviously.

  4. There is a word that accurately describes the former pResident. But if I post same, my post will be deleted and I will be banned.

  5. I’m just glad I read this post so I know to avert my eyes from the magazine racks at the checkout line when I go food shopping in a couple of days. Without that warning I might have accidentally blurted out some choice swear words upon seeing Barry and Moochelle on the cover of People Mag along with a story about how the poor things are “adjusting to life outside the White House”.

    Oh please, if we’re talking “bullshit”, that’s the real B.S. These two obnoxious losers are “adjusting” to their new billionaire lifestyle, traveling the world on other people’s money, on their private jets, luxury super yachts, private islands, private luxury resorts, and currently a private Tuscan resort owned by Obummer’s former ambassador to Italy (he’s sure in his calling in the favors stage). Not to mention picking up hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches and appearances, and of course, the $60 million book deal.

    So, thanks for the warning lest I swear, (and possibly PUKE), at the sight of that People mag cover!

  6. Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, Picasso, Angela Davis, Bill Ayers, Dalton Trumbo, Jane Fonda,, Alger Hiss, & several other names that are popularly correct (meaning revered by both sides) have been held aloft as our founding persons since Teddy Roosevelt’s administration despite their National/spiritual treason as amply documented in most counter-MSM! It is logical ( to a mental case) that former president B.O. Is slathered all over whatever goes into our heads as the sagacious commentator of the ‘real’ America!

  7. 0 is extremely thin skinned. When he was elected first term, I knew nothing about him, but was willing to give him a chance. By the second term, I knew better. He done major damage to this country. People knew better than to ever question him on anything out of fear. This guy won the Nobel Peace Prize almost before setting foot inside the WH. What for?

  8. I’ve got a lot of choice words to describe Obama. Bullshitter is one of the tamer ones. I hope the bastard chokes on his lobster.

  9. When we’re talking about bulls**t, the Hawaiian Halfrican has a leg up on the rest of humanity. He IS bulls**t from the top of his head to the soles of his big feet.

    1. Lets all drop the “BS” and call him out for what he truly is:

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